Twilight Series Anthology?

News and announcements pertaining to Stephenie Meyer.
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the book came out last year in hardcover now its in paperback is what i found out at Borders.

The book is ok. I decided to read one of the essays and I didn´t like it. It was the one titled ¨Dangerous Boy¨ or something about Edward being dangerous eh I just might have to sit in Borders and read a few more to see.

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Isabella Cullen wrote:
Taxi wrote:
And I guess that means other people are going to be writing about it too, huh? Wonder who they are...
As terrible as this is going to sound, I truly hope that no one does. Steph's vampires are her own. I don't want to see anyone else writing about vampires like them because then it'd just be like seeing the Twilight series become too mainstream.

...and though that's kind of happened already, Stephenie shouldn't have to worry about something like this happening. It just seems, I don't know, ridiculous to me.
oh man fully agree. Don't mess with something thats already great.
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Team Edward. Because lets face it, he's awesome and gorgeous.

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