May 16, Provo/Murray Utah area

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May 16, Provo/Murray Utah area

Post by PEL »

Friday, May 16, 2008, 7:00 p.m.

Borders, Provo UT and Borders, Murray, UT


Ticketed event held at The Showbarn at Thanksgiving Point, 3003 North Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT 84043. Ticket price includes $10 admission fee and one copy of The Host. Tickets are available at Borders Provo (4801 North University Ave., Provo, UT, 84107; phone: 801/224-2720) and Borders Murray (132 E. Winchester, Murray, UT 84107; phone: 801/313-1020) beginning on May 6th. Call Borders Provo or Borders Murray for event guidelines and details. Please do not call the event venue.
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Post by Cellano »

Wow I'm so excited she's actually coming to Utah again! A bunch of my friends are thinking of going, but at least we don't have to get our tickets right away. Anyone else thinking of going?

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Post by Zoodles »

I'll be there with my sister (unless she's having her baby...which will have to take precedence)

I must say, i'm pretty disappointed with the fact that they're charging for tickets. I understand the need for ticketing b/c of how crazy events get, but I have never heard of authors charging to sign your book. (Note: you ARE charged to go to conferences and hear from authors and illustrators there. But that is an entirely different kind of event.)

Maybe I'm totally out of it, but that's just my take. There are many events/venues that require tickets but don't charge for them, just require reservations and limit the number of tickets you can order. OR the price could be $1.00 per ticket, and you bring your book to get it, and still achieve the desired outcome. Most people can preorder the book for a lot less than full price, but basically most venues are charting full price + a cost of the ticket.

That said, I know it's probably not Stephenie's decision entirely but the marketing and publicity team. And like most people out there - if you know people will pay, why not make it happen? The events are pretty much gauranteed to sell out, so they'll make a lot of money. pretty smart.

But IMO not necessarily nice to fans. Is this going to mean that all our favorite authors jump on the bandwagon and start charging us to hear them speak?

I really like Stephenie, so please don't take this as a rant against her. I'm just frustrated, and felt this was the only spot to say it...
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Post by danobanano »

You have to realize that these bookstores have to RENT a venue to hold thousands of fans. We're not talking a small gathering of thirty or forty people in one store; the turnout for a Stephenie appearance is a convention size event.

Cities require permits for large mass gatherings and those cost money, plus security is required and expensive. Then there's the cost of employees to take the reservations, organize the gathering, and be there for set up and the take down. So my guess is they hardly breakeven with the admission price.

I believe the restrictions for getting the book signed are for Stephenie's benefit. Don't you remember the blister she got signing all the books at EPROM? Her publicist is probably looking out for her safety so she doesn't get carpel tunnel which would stop her from writing more books for us.

Besides I don't think it's fair to the bookstores, especially the small independent ones, to host such an event as this and see all the attendees walking in with books they purchased elsewhere. Bookstores are meant to sell books.

That being said I don't even work for a bookstore. But I love America and Capitalism!
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Post by Sprtygal »

danobanano wrote:That being said I don't even work for a bookstore. But I love America and Capitalism!
HAHA Dano you crack me up!!!

I'm going to be there! Hoorah !
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Post by CullenWannaB »

I don't mind paying money to see Stephenie and have her sign not only the Host but two other of my books. Yeah for Steph!
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Post by pianist_18 »

I know me and my friend will be attending just the May 6th ticket sales plus getting The Host. I'm so excited for Stephenie coming to Utah!

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Post by Zoodles »

You're right - I hadn't thought about the cost of renting a venue. It is good to cover that cost. Thanks for helping me feel better about paying for a ticket :)

I also understand the need to limit books that are signed - that was never a complaint of mine. I think having a hand that's sore is what every writer should HOPE for - it means you have fans that are reading your books and better yet - they want to have you sign them! The other kind of writer is the one with carpel tunnel who gets it without having signed thousands of books. And falling under that category is not as fun :D
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alice whitlock
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Post by alice whitlock »

I'm definitely going to try to get tickets to her signing at Thanksgiving Point. Maybe I'll see you all there!

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Post by tooshbaby »

I'm definitely going. I'm taking my 14 year old niece. She's so excited. I'm just glad I finally get to meet Stephenie. This is going to be great!


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