paperback Eclipse?

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Post by Bella_S_Black »

I have twilight and new moon in paperback, and eclipse in hardback. I prefer it in hardback, because the paperback ones come to look battered over time.
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Post by secsec1 »

It's more exspensive to put out books in hard cover. Most of the books that are in "other" editions (i.e. spanish or Large Print) that are available in the US come out in paperback first. I dont know why they are like that in other countries though. Its a choice that the publisher guess it because of cost and waiting to see if the series takes off over seas as well as it has here. Question, did The Host come out in hard cover over seas or paperback, and do other teen books released over seas only come in paperback or are they a mix like they are here?

FYI, New Moon comes out in paperback Satruday along with the Eclipse Special Edition!!!

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Post by little-freak »

i saw the host as a paperback (in english) today in my favourite bookstore (it's my favourite because it's so big :D )

me and my best friend sighed for about 5 minutes....till a friend asked so is that the fourth book of twilight? and then we were him...for another 5 minutes... and if you think we're overreacting: he went to one of stephenies singings in germany with us!!!

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Post by edwardstruelove »

Bella_S_Black wrote:I have twilight and new moon in paperback, and eclipse in hardback. I prefer it in hardback, because the paperback ones come to look battered over time.
for most books, i prefer paperback, because its cheaper and it doesnt make a difference, but in the twilight books i have hardback because i read them over so many times that they get worn out
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Post by paralee »

I have Twilight and New Moon in paperback but Eclipse in hardcover. If Twilight and New Moon had hardcover versions here, I'd definitely pick them over the paperback. They'd last longer and they won't get dog-eared and bent and folded.

The paperback of Eclipse just came out here and it's selling for much much cheaper than the hardcover. But the cover seems so... flimsy. It's the one that has the words International Edition on the back. Which is the one I dont like, because it's so.. fragile and well, flimsy. (:

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Post by CullensOrSohmas »

When I first started reading they just had Twilight in paperback but after I became obsessed I sold my paperback copy to one of my friends and upgraded to hardcover. The paperback copies are cheaper and easier to tote around but I prefer hardcover because I won't be as likely to destroy them, especially because I'll be reading them so often :D

Can't wait till Breaking Dawn is out, can't wait till Midnight Sun is out... and I hope Stephenie will make Edward versions of New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn too... that'd rock.
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Post by meganhibner »

so does anyone know when the paperback eclipse is going to be released in the U.S?
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Post by Musique »

I prefer paperbacks, but they take so longggggg before the paperback ones are released over here D:

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Post by Mirrorbay2000 »

I wish New Moon would have come out in paperback earlier... because I've read it sooo many times, its literally cracking in half. And even though its been released in paperback, I'm probably just going to buy it in hardback again so that it lasts longer.

Is it just me, but is it really difficult in America to find Twilight in hardcover? Because my paperback is sitting in three peices on my bookshelf. I've found Twilight in hardcover ONCE, and the book was really cuffed up and in bad condition, so i didn't want to buy it.

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Post by allixTE »

I haven't been able to find a paperback Eclipse anywhere. It's really annoying because i'm traveling in a week or so and i dont want to take my hardback copy with me in case i lose it or something.

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