paperback Eclipse?

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Post by cheeseygoodness »

when i bought eclipse 2 months ago, i asked when they will have it in hardcover, they said in june.

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NuevaLuna wrote:oh cool!

i wish i could have an english Eclipse in paperback though, so i could take it with me wherever i go!

Yeah i wish i had a paperback version also, i mean i do take my hard backs with me almost every where but im always worried something will happen to them. But i have seen the spanish versions and i thought they were very cool.
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Isabella Cullen wrote:
Wolf Girl wrote:
NuevaLuna wrote:oh cool!

i wish i could have an english Eclipse in paperback though, so i could take it with me wherever i go!

I have an english Eclipse in paperback :) (lucky me :P )
Don't they have it in paperback where you live?
That's strange. :? I wonder, how did you get your hands on an English paperback copy of Eclipse? To the best of my knowledge, the paperbacks haven't been released yet. New Moon is just now coming out on paperback in the next couple of months.
I'm in Norway.. I don't know why they have the books in paperback here, but i bought them in november, so they have been here for a while ;)

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Post by NuevaLuna »

blargh, i guess America wants the fans to buy TWO copies of all the books (which they KNOW we will lol). One hardcover, for a nice one at home, and one to travel with. Their way of making money :roll:

i love having two copies of the books though ;]

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Post by Alberta »

I'm in Indonesia and they have Twilight only in paperback, New Moon and Eclipse in hardcover. But in the recent month, they just published the New Moon paperback...

In my opinion, hardcover is always the best. I want to keep my book neat and no harm done. I'm so sad they don't have Twilight in hardcover, it's my favorite book of all!

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you saw...

Post by happy_alice »

you saw paperback books! in spanish! wow, they are faster that the US, but i think they don't have hardback. I think there's just comes in paperback.
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Post by cullenist »

I have a paperback version of them all...I just prefer them in paperback. :P

They are lighter, easier to carry around, no cover thingy to ruin easier to hold... :shock:

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Post by xoxocamille »

For me, I need to get all of the three books (soon to be four! *squeals) in hardcover first, buy those transparent plastic cover things to cover them, then get myself another copy of all the books in paperback for whenever I want to read it. I just bought fresh new hardcover copies of Twilight and New Moon and I haven't even opened them yet. I'm reading Twilight & Eclipse from the books that I borrowed in my school library which are now long overdue. Hahaha. [;

I'll be getting the Special Edition of Eclipse, and I believe that won't be touched as well, unless I finally decide to read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn.
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Post by little-freak »

i'm from germany and my best friend pre-ordered eclipse in our local bookstore last august. the books were late because there were some problems with the shipment but she got it as a paperback!

and in amazon (i don't know if it was the german or american...i think it was the german) the paperback of breaking dawn is coming out august 4th...but perhaps it's the australian or uk version

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Post by CamberXite »

Its better to get paperbacks , its way easier to read them.
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