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anyone know if the book is translated into Russian?
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Post by Nadja »

I have read all three books in german, and I thought the translation was very good... but after reading all the posts about the german translation I am defenetly going to read Breaking Dawn in English.
(I'm on vacation in San Fransico on the day it comes out 8) :D wich means that I don't have to get send all the way to Denmark)

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Post by xoxocamille »

^ Oooh, awesome, I live in the Bay Area!
Just an hour away from San Francisco, lol.
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spanish twilight

Post by vampgirl9 »

i live in argentina for my dads job and so when i got here i noticed my twilight saga books were kindof in bad shape because i think i read twilight like 8 times (im kind of obsessed like bella and wuthering hights) so anyway i went to the book store and found that they only had it in spanish..scince i speak spanish i decided why not and buy them. and i have to say that reading twilight in spanish was one of the most hilarious experiences of my life... they word it so differently and when you just translate ever word for word it sounds so mixed up. If any of you can speak spanish i highly recomend reading twilight in español. its a fun experience and you can get a different look on the characters.
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Hallo an alle Deutschen! :)

I haven't read the german translations, but I've given them out to family and friends, and they've loved the books (although they aren't as obsessed as me -- now I understand, it's because the translation sucks!).

I have to wait till August 4th for the release of Breaking Dawn, so if you don't see me until the 5th, you know why!

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