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Post by Lialice »

I've read the German books first, and I was stunned... I thought they were so incredibly good!
But then, after I read all three in German, I wanted to read them in English. And well, since then, I'm afraid I have to admit that the German translations aren't very good at all... I mean, there are a few little mistakes (for example the meadow is "Lichtung" in German, what basicly means clearing), but more important: In German, they are just not Stephenie's Style. For example: New Moon. Bella says about Romeo: "Before I met Edward, I sort of had a thing for him". In German the quote is "Bevor ich Edward kennengelernt hatte, hatte ich ein bisschen für ihn geschwärmt". I don't really know how to translate "schwärmen", because it basicly means the same as "having a thing for somebody", but "schwärmen" is very old fashioned. Like your Grandma would have said this when she was young... It's not that bad, you know, but you see this in the whole book... In English, it's written in a language, a high school student could really use. But NO 17-year-old German girl would talk the way the German books are written.

I know, I talk to much, but maybe you got my point :wink:

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Post by Heddie »

To all of you who have read or want to read Stephenie Meyer's books in a language other than English, DON'T! That is my opinion. Stephenie Meyer is an amazing author and no one could ever translate her books perfectly into another language. They would never be as good as the originals, and I'm not planning on reading any of the books in another language because I'm afraid that might hurt my feelings. Also, even if your English isn't perfect, it's very good practice and you'd learn a lot of vocabulary. I do! Many of the vocab words we have had to learn for English at school this past year have been in the book.

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Post by j_egosum »

The Portuguese (brazilian portuguese) translation is not bad. The original book should be better, like all original books, independet of the original language, but translations can be good, too.

Only the first book was translated by "Crepúsculo" (Twilight), in brazilian portuguese. The second one will be translated in october by "Lua Nova" (New Moon) and the 3rd will be "Eclipse", writed like in english, I don't know when.

I read the first book in portuguese and I loved it very very much. So, I buy the other ones in english and I can't waiting for Breaking Down, that will be there in august, 2nd and here (in english) in august, 30th.

If somebody want to buy the Twilight serie books at a different language, in this brazilian site you can buy them:
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Post by WickedLittleThing »

I know that this is probably a stupid question but does anyone know if the books have been translated to Italian?

I'll be learning Italian in college and thought it would be cool to read them and possibly even help me learn it.

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Post by Sansa »

WickedLittleThing wrote:I know that this is probably a stupid question but does anyone know if the books have been translated to Italian?

I'll be learning Italian in college and thought it would be cool to read them and possibly even help me learn it.
Yes, the three books have been translated to Italian. I don't know where you can get them, though.
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Post by little-freak »

Alica wrote:You'd never believe how stupid the german translation is!
the titles are:

Bis(s) zum Morgengrauen (for Twilight) which means as much as : Until dawn but the "tricky" stuff is the "s" in the (). Because in german "Bis" means "until" and "Biss" means "bite". So it's also "The Bite to Dawn". I think that's a cool idea, although it's the complete opposite to Twilight, but whatever.

The second one is "bis(s) zur Mittagsstunde" which means "Until the Afternoon" again, with the "s" the same principle applies.

The third one is "Bis(s) zum Abendrot" which means "Until the Sunset" Same principle with the "s"

that's the best part though.

All the time, where Edward or Charlie or whoever call Bella "honey, sweetie, sweetheart, love or whatsoever" in german there is ............ NOTHING! They just don't translate it. It's so stupid.

And this is REALLY BAD:
When Edward proposes the first time in New Moon to Bella, she shouts and Edward says: "Now you've done it", for she had shouted and Charlie woke up. And they translate: "Jetzt hast du 'ja' gesagt." Which means as much as "Now you said yes" (to the proposal) Anyone knowing where the logic is?

And in Eclipse they completly took the "you made me as soft as a marshmallow" out :( I liked that scene. She just says: "Deine Kochkünste haben mich erweicht." Nothing with marshmallows AT ALL.

I'd better become a translator and do it RIGHT! :D :D :D
i think the bis(s) thing is quite funny and it sounds a bit dangerous but it gets worn out. i loved the title when i bought it, but somehow it got lame after newmoon and eclipse got out in germany. i hope they will use "bis(s) in die ewigkeit" what means until eternity for breaking dawn

and sadly the translator chanced after the first book. first it was Karsten Kredel and now its Sylke Hachmeister. i never thought a man would be able to translate that book better than a woman!

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Post by Edwarded »

before reading the books in english, I read some parts of Twilight in french, and the translation is quite bad. There are words which aren't translated, different meanings... I'm glad I haven't read the whole book in french (although, I have to admit, sometimes I went to the library to see translations of a part I wouldn't have understood very well...)

The titles are completely different:
"Twilight" (which should be translated by "Crépuscule") is "Fascination" (I think it's same in english and that fits the book...)
"New Moon" (Nouvelle Lune) is "Tentation" which means temptation, I don't see ANY links with this book...
"Eclipse" (éclipse) is "Hésitation" -> hesitation. I think it fits the book because of Bella's hesitation between Jacob (eeew) and Edward (yeeeah).
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Post by aleja23t »

I think the only real problem with the translations are not the phrasing of the titles or the name of the characters.
What is lost in translation is the humor and the sarcasm. I love the fact that Bella is sarcastic and witty but some of that is lost in the translations. :(
I came upon the same occurence in some of the Harry Potter books when Harry would say something witty to Snape or when Luna would say something super funny about gnargles and it the spanish version it would sound as funny as getting kissed by a dementor!
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Post by j_egosum »

In the brazilian portuguese translation, the sarcasm is very good! Maybe because here we had a sarcasm master: Machado de Assis, that could have inspired the translator.
Now, I'm reading Twilight in english to compare both...
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Post by Lawane »

Eebue wrote:Well in Finland the books are called:

Twilight -> Houkutus (which means Temptation, I think it's fairly ok 'cos I think a direct translation (Iltahamara) could have sounded a bit odd)
New moon -> Uusikuu (which is a direct translation and means new moon)

Eclipse hasn't been translated yet. All in all I think the translations are pretty good. I did enjoy reading them. Of course it's always better in the original language. :)
Eclipse is going to be released in Finland in September, I think? It's called "Epailys" which means "suspicion" in english. I think it's a pretty weird translation, but if it would've been translated directly it would be "pimennys", which means like "darkening".
I haven't read the books in Finnish, I prefer the english version. But I guess I could try. :p
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