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Tusmørke wrote:
Irina wrote:When I read the Danish translation of Twilight, I was so angry. It is done so badly!
I actually got so mad that I decided to translate New Moon by myself. I am currently at chapter 4.
(yaay a dane!) :D

OMG! There is so many flaws! Did you notice how many diffrent ways they spelled tylers name?

Or did you notice how they translated "runway model"?
they actually wrote "bortløbet model", what the heck? (means runaway model)
A Dane! A Dane! Hello :D
I didn't notice the thing with Tyler, but I thought it was bad enough as it is. And when I called the publisher to hear about NM, they said they wanted the same translator!
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I looked at Twilight International, and in Russian the translation for Twilight is сумерки. (They dont have new moon) So, I really want to get it and read it in Russian, but I don't know how unless I ask someone to send it over here.
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Wow, I just discovered that we actually had the book in Russian. My mom was suprised when I asked her if we could get someone to ship it, because she had it.
Anyway, the translation is ok in Russian, but just for fun I decided to translate the prolouge back into english. (Well part of it, I used an online translator)
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Post by rainydays_alanna »

i know this girl from germany and she's a foreign exchange student here in the u.s. and i was rereading eclipse during lunch one day and she was like "i love those books". she told me that she read the first two in german and eclipse in english b/c she couldn't wait for it to be translated. it just suprised me how people across oceans are reading the same books as me. it's cool
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Bible Verses

Post by Salaydea »

I'd like to thank Cocoa for pointing me to this thread. I see where y'all have pointed out difference in the translations and I noticed that they (presumably the publisher) changed the Bible quote that opens Twilight in the Spanish edition. In the English version it is from Genesis and in the Spanish translation it is a quote from Daniel. Does anyone know why they would have changed the quote? And do they use different quotes (or do away with them) in the other languages?

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Um... everyone says the German translation would be insomuch terrible... I really have to read the original, because I only read it in German and I love the book so much - despite the translation mistakes. So the English version should be even better!!!
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Post by Ariverderla »

I haven't read the Swedish translation of Twilight yet, though I will buy it after I've finished Eclipse. First I didn't want to read it at all 'cause I know I'll probably be annoyed due to bad translation. But then I figured it could be interesting to see the differences and also to support Stephenie by buying it.

But as someone here already pointed out, the title of the book has already disappointed me, it's called "Om jag kunde drömma" which means "If I could dream". Which has nothing do do with Twilight. Nothing. Blah. I don't understand why they just haven't chosen the Swedish word for Twilight which is "Skymning".

I'll come back to you after I've read it.
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Post by Nik »

Does anybody know where I can buy ANY copies of the translated versions (besides the Spanish ones)??? :shock:
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Post by Sansa »

Nik wrote:Does anybody know where I can buy ANY copies of the translated versions (besides the Spanish ones)??? :shock:
That I know about, you can buy some of them in: (French) (Japanese) (German)
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Well, about the German translation: Although I'm German I read the books in English because I wasn't patient enough to wait until they were back at the library. I didn't regret it. In my opinion, the English version has the first plus because it's the original, not modified by any translator who has other thoughts in mind than the author. The second plus is that some words simply sound more meaningful and interesting in English. Of course this applies only to foreign readers. I have some favourite words (don't laugh) which are all describing Edward.

Such as: scorching eyes, smoldering stare, velvet voice...
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