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Post by Silviael »

Thanks for the tip, Bree! I may just try messaging her. Haha. Annoying her on ALL fronts instead of just one.

Just kidding...

Not really...

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here. i found this a long time ago on stephenie's website.

Stephenie Meyer
Time Warner Book Group
1271 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
-jessica- :D
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Post by xlostxinxtwilightx »

how can you PM her on here i was just wondering cause i'm computer inept when it comes to these kinds of things :oops: heheh

Post by pelirroja »

Stephenie's PM on this system does not work.
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Post by alicatk »

ummmm basically my friend and i each sent stephenie snail mail letters in september and i havent heard back, even though i ran to my mailbox everyday for 6 months...

i was depressed

then i realized she was probably using the time she would have spent responding to me to write her books

and i was happy
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Post by SkyeChayse »

pelirroja wrote:Stephenie's PM on this system does not work.
If PMing Stephenie on this system does not work, how did all the other people send her a PM? Is there any way to let Stephenie know how much I appreciate her and have it be read by her guaranteed? I'm don't really care if she responds, though that would be really cool, I just want to let her know what my thoughts are.
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Post by That Angel. » does anyone know when she will be able to receive emails again or Pms?
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Post by Kylara »

If you want to make sure that Stephenie sees how much you appreciate her you could always go to a book signing if there is one nearby or wait and see if the Lexicon does something fun for her birthday like they did last year (they made a scrapbook and let members send in pages with photos/blurbs for it).

Otherwise sending her a good old fashion letter is always a nice idea--the address is in this thread somewhere :)
That Angel. does anyone know when she will be able to receive emails again or Pms?
When she's not busy writing/editing books for us to read, would be my guess :) Hopefully not any time soon, assuming that's the case!
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I don't believe in true love anymore. The love of my life has made it clear that he doesn't want to be friends.

What's sad, is that I can't even imagine Bella and Edward together anymore.
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Post by joyceblack311 »

i would LOVE to send stephanie a letter..

but where would i mail it to? i know she lives in pheonix arizona.. thats it! can someone let me know please??

PM me if you don't feel comfortable posting it on here!

PLEASE!! :shock:
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