Chapter Twenty: Compromise

Our chapter by chapter discussion of Eclipse.
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1) I can totally understand why Bella is afraid to get married. I think it has to do with her parents marriage not lasting since they were married so young. I would be afraid to get married so young too. But i still cant wait for Bella to become Mrs. Cullen!!

2) I was soooooo excited about the intimacy in this chapter! I really think Bella needs to have sex while she is still human. Edward keeps telling her that he doesnt want her to miss out on human experiences and this is one she definitely cant miss. It was so sweet how you could tell that Edward really wanted her. I agree with Bella on how she thinks that Edward would never be able to hurt her while they are making love. I was getting so emotional when Bella started crying out of rejection you could tell how much she loves Edward and wants him.

3) I definitely think Edward has a soul. He has completely human feelings and desires and emotions. I think a souless person would have none of those.
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1. Can you see why Bella is afraid to marry Edward? Is it something that would affect your decision to get married at a young age?

I think Bella thinks like most rational young women. There is a need to live your life without attachments. It would be very important for me to live my life before getting married...but it's Edward, come on.

2. The intimacy level between Edward and Bella really jumps up a notch here. How did you feel about that? How do you feel about their decision to try to make love while Bella was still human?

I think it was about time they started tying that kind of stuff.
There is so much trust between the two of them that I don't think anything serious would happen. I think they made a great decision to try, it will make them trust each other even more when the accomplish the impossible.

3. Again the question arises about Edward having a soul. What do you think about this subject? Do vampires have soul?

I think vamps do have souls. Or atleast part of them. I don't think Edward could love Bella with such passion if he did not have a soul.
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