Chapter Twenty-two: Fire and Ice

Our chapter by chapter discussion of Eclipse.
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1. What do you think about the honesty the boys show each other?

I am happy that they are discussing what they think about Bella. It will help them understand eachother better.
2. Are you surprised to see Edward admitting his jealousy and showing less patience?

No, b/c Edward and Jacob were being honest with eachother. && i think Edward wanted jacob to see that he really care's for Bella.

3. How did you feel about Edward's four options regarding Bella?

I am happy that he did that b/c he wanted to see if there was anything better for Bella, and so she wouldent do something to reck her life without thinking about it.

4. What surprised you most about the conversation they had?

I was surprised how honest they were with eachother. I have more respect for Edward after that b/c he told Jacob everything that was on his mind && not just reading Jacobs and not say anything. && that Jacob actually listened without saying anything that would make them both pissed at eachother.
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