Stephenie Meyer/ December Ensign!

Other articles penned by Stephenie.
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Post by thefemaleknight »

Her story made me cry! It was so powerful, and so true.
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Post by DrawdeNelluc »

I read it, too. It was the first time this year that I was having the feeling of some christmas spirit... I liked it very much!!!
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Post by Cocoa »

I used it for our FHE lesson on Monday. It reminds me of of the song "Christmas shoes" *sniff..sniff*. My daughter turns off the radio every time it come on because I always cry...I am such a sap :lol: !
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Post by Kissa »

I love her story! That's what you call the magic of Christmas.. It was just wondeful..

With that being said, there's a link to the PDF-file on Stephenie's web-site now...

You can go here;

and press the link under the December 6th update,

or here;

and go straight to page 20.

Enjoy! :D
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Post by twix »

I was so excited when I heard she an article in the Ensign! I read the story and I loved it!
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Post by jazzygeorgie »

I read it too! I had to ask my friend at work to bring in his copy of the Ensign as I don't get it. It was a very touching story...I now have a copy of it :-)

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Post by My.Shiny.Silver.Volvo!! »

When my mother told me that Stephanie wrote a story for the Ensign, I about screamed! It was SUCH a good story too~~
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Post by SarahMarie »

This is pretty much extremely old.
But I cried, too.
That was a really good story.
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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

Wow! That was really good! I had to sort through all of our family's old archives of Ensigns to find the right issue, but it was totally worth it! Really touching!
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Post by Katwomankath »

Being away from Utah so long and out of touch from religion, I totally forgot all about the Ensigns Mag. It is funny but as soon as I read the name I remembered. Thanks for posting the web link. I will check it out.
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