SM - "Prom Nights From Hell" SPOILERS...Book Discu

Discussion surrounding Stephenie's submission to this anthology organized by Meg Cabbot.
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Post by dolphindog »

Starless*Eyes wrote:I read 'Prom Nights From Hell' a long while ago so I can't remember much of it. It was alright, some of the stories weren't so catchy but it was still good.
Me too. It wasn't great compared to twilight. :wink:
-jessica- :D
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Post by Nadiya »

I agree with all of you! I would have liked it way better if it was about vampires or somthining remotly close. I aslo didnt like the ending of the book it seemed like there should be something more.
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Post by JazzyRocksMyShoelaces »

i read that book awhile ago and i must admit i was disapointed... :?
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Post by frostclaw4ever »

were can i find this story? i have no clue :? it sounds like it would be awesome to read.
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Post by tiffi »

ok seriously WHEN did this book get out? i thought since SM made it (partially) it would be a bigish deal. :( i reserved it at the library today, and there was no waiting list! how long has it been out? omg i feel like such a failor as a fan!!!!!! :cry:
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Post by shine_brighter »

I only read Stephenie's so far, but I didn't like it that much. I wasn't confused or anything, I just couldn't get into the story or the concept.

I don't know which one I'll read next...I guess I'll start with Cabot, although I don't like her writing.
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Post by xoxocamille »

I haven't read this book yet, but my cousin said that SM's story here wasn't as engaging unlike Twilight. I don't know, but I will request this book at my local library so I could judge for myself.
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