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Discussion surrounding Stephenie's submission to this anthology organized by Meg Cabbot.
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Post by vampiregrrrl110 »

Um, maybe I expected too much, But Meg shouldn't write short stories. It gave too much of the 'unfinished' vibe, if you know what I mean. But, usually, all her books are great, the mediator series, and 1-800 where are you being the best series.

In my opinion, the rest of the stand alones are falling a bit short. They're interesting, but they don't, you know, get you hooked.

Her writing was the same as ever, wonderful, really, but, it wasn't FINISHED. and that made me a bit upset.

Stephenie's was the best in my opinion. It seemed finished. And, the corsage story had no point, it seemed like.

Michelle Jaffe's Kiss and Tell was a close second. Madison Avery and The Dim Reaper was third.

But, has anyone read Michelle Jaffe's 'Bad Kitty'? It's SO great. But, anyone know if there's going to be a sequel?

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Post by brin »

Lavendermc wrote:I wonder if there will be a second book to this short stories novel; almost all the stories seemed unfinished!
yeah i agree i would have liked to read more about most of these stories
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Post by iwantanedward »

Actually, I don't know what a novella technically is.
ROFL. That's just hilarious. Neither do I, but it sounds right.

I loved the book. I was so glad to finally re-discover it. I'd heard about it on Meg's blog, but that was back when I wasn't totally obsessed with Twilight. And then I remembered that it existed recently and I was kind of shocked that I hadn't read it :P I loved Stephenie's story, mainly because it was just so cool to read something non-Twilight from her. Not that I don't LOVE Twilight XD But everything else I've read from her, all the extras and stuff, have been Twilight. So it was cool to read this and see that I liked it. I'll definately be reading The Host!

So yeah, my favorite thing about it was actually realizing that the Twilight series doesn't mean the end of Stephenie. And I thought it was great. OK. This whole post made no sense. :shock: Shutting up now :lol:
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Post by linda »

I have been trying to find it since it came out but whenever I go to Borders it's never there, so I gave up. =[ When I was putting books away at the library, I realized that it was there. I was so excited. I checked it out and have only read Stephenie's story.

Gabe is really dreamy. =]

I agree, I think they should write a sequel. Well, I want to know what happens to Sheba and Gabe. Mmmm, does she give up her evil ways and stays with the half-angel?
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Post by bear cub »

Stephenie always has an interesting way of writing mystical creatures. I loved how she protrayed the angels and demons. It's different from anything else just like her vampires.

It was my favorite story of all them with Meg Cabot's story coming in a close second!
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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

I read it a while ago, and while it was okay, I agree that they weren't completely finished, and I'm never one to go for cliff hangers. Stephenie's story wasn't nearly as good as Twilight, but it was very good, nonetheless...different, though.
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Post by Topaz_Eyes17 »

Stellar wrote:
SaranethSama wrote:So y'all are going to hate me for this, but...I didn't like Stephenie's story much at all. *hides*
I'm agreeing with you. ;]
Yeah, I didn't like it eiether.
Twilight is way better.

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Post by ForeverLove »

Whomever wrote Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper should make that a full book. I was really warming up to the characters, and I thought it went by way too fast. My favourite was Kiss and Tell, although I was really hoping to see a little more of Will. But anyways, Stephenies story was okay.
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Post by Starless*Eyes »

I read 'Prom Nights From Hell' a long while ago so I can't remember much of it. It was alright, some of the stories weren't so catchy but it was still good.
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Post by Queen_Of_Awkward »

I agree.... it was an OK read. The only one that really freaked me out was that prom-like rendition of "Monkey's Paw"... (shivers) I always hated that story....
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