Thoughts about Gabe

Discussion surrounding Stephenie's submission to this anthology organized by Meg Cabbot.
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Thoughts about Gabe

Post by Be My Escape »

This is the place to discuss Gabe as a character. What was appealing about him and did you realize there was something special about him?
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Post by vampiregrrrl110 »

Yeah, I realised he was a natural do-gooder. I didn't think he was actually half-angel until Sheba entered the picture completely.

He's one of those people who everyone likes, and, like Harry Potter, has a 'saving-people-thing'

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Post by almost a bella »

I thought the same thing. I liked his character. my friend got me Prom Nights from Hell for Christmas. I read it in one day.
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Post by Chaos »

I loved Gabe! He was so sweet, and absolutely adorable and so good. I got that he was half-angel from the when it was mentioned that some Angel's clipped their wings so to speak, to be with humans. And when, I think it was Jezebel, was explaining to Sheba why some demons gave up their horns (I think it was horns, it's been almost a year since a I read the story).
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Post by Isabella Cullen »

Gabe was so sweet! I knew that there was something special about him from the first moment.
I'm totally with VampireGrrrl, he surprised me when I found out he was a half-angel, but there again, it wasn't all that surprising.

I'm going to tell on myself here and say that I sort of pictured Edward while I was reading. I always saw Edward as angelic, despite how he degrades himself.
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Post by BellaHeroine »

I kind of had a feeling when they first starting talking about how sweet he was and how much he felt compelled to help people in need that he wasn't completely normal. I guessed some sort of "good" creature but I didn't guess angel until further on.

For being a short story, his character was actually developed really well. You got a really good sense of who he was and how he would react to certain situations.
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Post by Lyric »

I didn't notice that Gabe was half-angel until Sheba did too. Then I looked back and it was a little obvious. :oops:

I wonder what would happen if one of Gabe's parents (most likely the angel one) told him Sheba was a demon. Then things could get really interesting.
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Post by iriseyes »

I agree with Lyric. I didn't see Gabe as part angel until the end. But i really like how it fits with his character. I think it would be better if he knew though
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Post by Alleymania »

Gabe is very interesting. I think that he is very deep and his sense to find the distressed are incredible. He also sounds dreamy which I can honestly say does not ound like any of the boys in the area I live in.
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Post by TheAbbyNormal »

I figured it out when they mentioned his full name "Gabe Cristianson" or something like that. It was kind of obvious to me after that....
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