Theories - What happens next...

Discussion surrounding Stephenie's submission to this anthology organized by Meg Cabbot.

To Sequel or Not to Sequel, that is the question!

It was perfection as is...Down with the Sequel!
Give me More, More, More!...YEAH! For the Sequel!
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Theories - What happens next...

Post by Cocoa »

Do you have theories on how this story continued after the book ended? Post them here.
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Post by vampiregrrrl110 »

Hmm, you mean Stephenie's short story?

Honestly, I think, just how Gabe's dad fell in love with a human, Gabe's never going to let Sheba out of his sight.

He'll be like her lithium. Or anti-drug. To keep her out of the despair that she enjoys.

He'll also be like her drug because she just can't get rid of him. They'll stay together forever. And, if she gets out of his grip, she, although a demon, is going to miss and want him.

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Post by Sansa »

I didn't exactly think what would happen next when I finished Stephenie's short story, but it gave me the impression that Shebba hated and loved Gave at the same time, whereas Gave is very dependent on her. So, whatever happened, I think they would end up together.
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Post by chibi_vampire »

I think that they would end up with each other no matter what happened. I meani believe Gabe changed Sheba in a way but she with out a doutb (can't spell) loves him in her own way. :D
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haven't read...

Post by happy_alice »

i haven't read this book. is it good? can someone give me an outline on the story, or stories?

nevermind, i got it from the library.
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Post by Lyric »

Really just let Stephenie write a sequel and I'll read it. NO ONE can do it like Stephenie!!! 8) :D :idea: :wink:

Oh, and chibi_vampire this is the spelling of doubt.
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Post by Pawprint »

I wish there was a sequel to this story! I loved it! I think Gabe will keep Sheba. The story did say something that angels (or half angels for this matter) wouldn't let anyone who felt miserable go, that they would try their hardest to make them feel good, so that's what Gabe will probably do. I just wish I knew how... This was a very good story!

I really enjoyed the book, most of it, my least favorite story was The Corsage, but the rest of them were very very good!
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Post by Isabella Cullen »

You know, I know Stephenie is beyond busy right now, but if she were pondering writing a sequel to her short story in Prom Nights, I would be ridiculously anticipating it. I LOVED her short story. It had absolutely nothing to do with Edward, Bella, or the Cullens, and it ROCKED.
(So did The Host, but I'm not saying anything else.)

But anyway, if she had the TIME to write a sequel, I would be in the guestimated high percentage of people who would be supportive of it. :D
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Post by BellaHeroine »

I honestly don't want a sequal. I think that's sort of the beauty of short stories. They're supposed to leave you hanging so you can be free to fill in the ending however you want. I love Stephenie and all, but I honestly didn't like this story all that much, no offense to her or the others that loved it. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't my favorite in the book. It was definately a unique concept though.
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Post by happy_alice »

stephenie's short story was brilliant. i really want a sequel, because i feel as if the story isn't complete yet. anyone agree?
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