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Who is your favorite Character in The Host??

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Post by karinamon »

I picked Jamie because I fell in love with his adorableness. I also love him because he knew it was his sister from the very begining. He never treated Wanda badly. His kind nature made me love him.

Enough said.
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<b>Team Ian & Jared</b> [size=75] Because i love them both! Is that a crime?![/size]
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Post by KaGe »

I chose Ian for all the reasons already listed here, but also because something strange happened when I was reading.

I stopped to think on the part I had just read when all of a sudden a picture of Edward popped into my head. I thought " Wow, that's random," but then when I refocused my eyes on the page I realized I had been starring at Ian's name.

Anybody that can get me to recall Edward out of nowhere gets my vote.
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Post by malteselover »

I love Jamie. He's just so sweet. Everytime he comes up in the book, I cry. The way he tries to act strong, but is in severe emotional pain, seeing as that he lost almost everyone he holds dear. :cry:
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Post by crystalhart »

KaGe wrote:I chose Ian for all the reasons already listed here, but also because something strange happened when I was reading.

I stopped to think on the part I had just read when all of a sudden a picture of Edward popped into my head. I thought " Wow, that's random," but then when I refocused my eyes on the page I realized I had been starring at Ian's name.

Anybody that can get me to recall Edward out of nowhere gets my vote.
wow. I can see Ian as a less perfect and more human Edward. He makes mistakes and isn't as controlled as Edward but that is kind of what I love about him.
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Post by Zoon »

Without a doubt, JARED! And for several reasons...

First of all, because of the way he cares for Melanie and Jamie. He becomes the father of their little makeshift family, so to speak. Even after Melanie is gone and he believes her to be dead/taken over by a soul, he still cares for Jamie as if he was his own brother/son.

Which brings me to the next reason, which is his selflessness. Not the kind that Ian has. I think that Jared's selflessness is more realistic. He will give up everything for those that he loves, but he is also willing to have enemies and to deal with those enemies as he sees fit (AKA kill them).

And thirdly, I absolutely love his personality. He's a very steadfast, solid, no-nonsense kind of guy. A real "man's man," I guess you could say. But he is also without a doubt very loving, and has a great sense of humor. Just the fact that he isn't a superhero in any way. He doesn't have perfect composure or flawless emotions. He's not at all perfect, and he doesn't expect himself to be. He's very real, and therefore very relatable and believable.

Oh, and the fact that he's HOTT. Those sunbleached eyelashes and golden brown skin and warm, full lips...yeah. HOTT.

My second favorite character would definitely be Mel. I love how strong she is, physically, mentally, and emotionally. She's the ultimate female role model, I think.

And my third is Jamie. With everything he's been through, he's still innocent and sweet. And he's not afraid to cry. I like that.
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Post by Alice 1991 »

I chose Ian because he had the most and best character development out of all of the characters in the book if not out of all of Stephenie's characters.
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Zoon wrote:Without a doubt, JARED! And for several reasons...
Yeah!!!! Join Team Jared! He was my second Favorite so Melanie got my vote, though I wish I could vote twice.
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Post by crystalbtrfly07 »

It was a toss up between Ian and Jaimie. I ended up picking Jaimie because he so quickly accepts Wanderer even though she is keeping Melanie from being fully present, and he could have held a grudge against her like Jared did for so long.
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Post by loving life with vampires »

i chose ian. he was the most compassionate person. he knew when he was doing wrong and he knew exactly what to do to try and fix his mistakes. he didn't just see a centipede inside of mel...but a soul that was pure. not just fakey...not just the zombie like goodie goodie...but a soul that wasn't corruptive like the others...he didn't care what it took to make wanda feel...uhm...what's the word...excepted(?)...i'm not sure what word i can use that would actually describe how much effort he puts into making wansa realize that she isn't just another soul...that she actually makes the difference...he would stop at nothing to keep her...even if she was in a different body...he knows how to ease into things without upsetting everyone...he doesn't sway from his...uhm...grr...i can't remember now...but he just didn't give up on wanda...the soul no one else trusted except jeb and jamie...he made sure there was no way that she could get hurt...hell...he'd rather see kyle, his own brother, dead than wanda...(i'm sure that he would regret saying that after kyle was dead because i hate my brother to a max but i don't want to see him dead)...
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Post by Bloodlust »

This ballot stressed me out! I was torn between Jaime, Ian, and Wanda. In the end I chose Wanda. I really do love her character though at times her selflessness gets frustrating(what a horrible thing to say! :shock: )

Oh Jaime! What's there not to love in Jaime? He's the only one who from the beginning(other than Jeb, who was also a possibilty) who held nothing against Wanda and was willing to talk to her without violent anger; even accept her. And then Ian. Oh well I've talked about Ian elsewhere. He's just amazing. He is love. Just like that.
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