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Who is your favorite Character in The Host??

The Seeker
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Post by Canzone e bella »

My favorite character is definitely Jamie.

I think that more than Jared or even Ian that Jamie is the reason why Melanie and Wanderer do what they do in this book. He's the tape that holds everyone together. Without Jamie, Melanie probably would have given in to Wanderer. Without Jamie, Wanderer probably wouldn't have gone in search of the resistance. Without Jamie, Jeb probably would have killed Mel/Wanderer on the spot. Without Jamie, Wanderer wouldn't have been as well accepted in the community. Without Jamie, Jared would have killed Wanderer out of hate and would never have realised that Melanie still existed. Without Jamie, Wanderer probably wouldn't have had the courage or the desire to have herself removed. I don't think that Melanie would have fought so hard to not fade away if it was only Jared waiting for her. Her sense of love and resposibility for Jamie are what make her the strongest.

Without Jamie's character being a subtle driving force in the plot this book wouldn't have been nearly as good as it is!
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Post by loltanyasmynametoo »

hahaha. Nobody likes kyle. Someone likes the seeker, but nobody likes Kyle. That makes me giggle. Nobody likes kyle but Sunny. hahaha
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Kyle is my 3rd or 4th Favorite. It goes like this.

1. Melanie.
2. Jared.
3. Jeb.
3. Kyle or Ian.
4. Kyle or Ian.
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Post by Sunspot »

I agree with Bella_Cullen_13.

I would have voted Melanie but I'm in love with Jared so I didn't have much of a choice.

And I like Jeb because he's so honest and perceptive.

I even like Kyle for some reason. I think he's very stubborn and very human and he kind of reminds me of myself (though I wouldn't have tried to kill Wanda).

Wanda and Ian... Well, they're a perfect match and a nice couple but I think they're too selfless, it's morbid. They're more like angels, (nearly) perfectly patient and kind etc... and I prefer characters who have flaws for example temper issues. It makes them more human, more passionate. it's easier to identify with them.
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Post by mushroom_ravioli »

I voted for Jamie. I didn't realize how much I missed him until he was back in the pages I was reading, and it was like, "yes, Jamie!" He's really mature for his age, yet you still want to protect him.

Wanda is probably my next favorite; I always have to bond with the protagonist...how else would I love the book?
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

I so would High five sunspot, she likes all the same characters as me, which is very rare.

I dont like being apart of the Favorite Character Minority.

If you guys Like Jared, go onto the Jared thread, we are trying to start a Team Jared!
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Post by XxKatiexX »

I picked Ian because I think he is the nicest Character of the book. He is friendly, unselfish and honest. Although he wasn't so nice in the beginning, he wasn't soo mean and aggressive like Kyle. And he is sort of a gentleman too. :D
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Post by ianwardistheperfectcombo »

I chose Ian, like most people who voted.

When i finished the book (for the first time haha ive already reread it), i sat still for a minute and then was like...wait a minute. i like this ian almost as much as edward. then i freaked out. i didnt think it could be possible. but it is. *gasp*. ian is caring, protective, but not TOO much (like Perfect Edward can tend to be sometimes), nice, loving, considerate...i could go on for hours, but i wont.

Ian is one of my favorite characters of all time, and i love him. hence the username.
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Post by crystalhart »

I chose Ian like most of the people who voted. I chose him for a couple of reasons

1. He's just amazing, incredibly helpful, understanding and accepting. He's not perfect also which makes him seem so real and attainable, like you could run into him at any store.

2. I can't decide between Mel or Wanda because they are both so great and funny but I also like them as a whole.

and 3. Because while I love Jeb too, he's a little bit to zainy for me! :D
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Post by karinamon »

I picked Jamie because I fell in love with his adorableness. I also love him because he knew it was his sister from the very begining. He never treated Wanda badly. His kind nature made me love him.

Enough said.
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