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Who is your favorite Character in The Host??

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Post by loltanyasmynametoo »

i voted for doc, because he reminds me of Carlisle. :P And plus, he can put up with sharon, and he tries SO HARD to do the right thing, and he just cares about everybody! Plus his name is Eustace. Which is awesome. lol.

ian is definitely a close second, though.
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Post by vampgirl39 »

Cliche Horror Film wrote:I chose Melanie because she was always there, but somehow always not. She made me laugh, and the way she treated Wanderer sometimes was funny.

I loved Doc, too, for some reason that I really can't explain.

and then, of course, I loved Jeb and Jared about equally.
I love Melanie too. she was so strong to have stayed "alive" after her body was taken over by Wanderer. I think one reason people like Wanderer so much is because they like all the characteristics that were brought out by Melanie. The two sort of become one and people just lean toward Wanderer (possibly because of their love for Ian?)

(by the way I love the sig "Cliche Horror Film")
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Post by yeya »

i chose ian because he really loved wanda by her not mel i loved when he said to her that he had her in his hand and he tough she was beautiful or something like that, i also loved jamie and jeb they are great characters too! jamie could love wanda even when she was at her sister's body and jeb was really funny =)
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Post by Squirrel_Girl28 »

I chose Ian, because he is a very deep person. He broke down when he discovered that Wanda had plans to leave the planet. He was one of the first to feel guilty and change his mind about Wanda. He also accepted the fact that she wasn't human, and he still loved her. I also like when he said, I held you in my hands wanderer, you are so pretty! I love that! He loves her even when she isn't in human form.
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Post by Sunspot »

I chose Jared and I'm the only one... :(
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Post by Conzoni al Vento »

not really. I love Jared towards Jamie and Mel. Not so much to Wanda until the end when he decided to be nice .

My FAVORITE would have to be Ian of course. I dont care what he looks like, he's beautiful! He glows becuase of the person he is on the inside and that's all that matters when theres only like 100 humans left in the world. lol. Like I wrote in the Just Ian thread, I think he represents hope. he's awesomer than the word awesome.

Then after that i would have to chose either Jeb or Jamie. THey are sweet too. Jeb just says the funniest things and i love how he presents himself. Jamie is just.. well he's just too cute.
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Post by Paulie Allen Puffer »

jeb is my favorite i have no clue why though, i guess he just entertained me

and lmao i love how "kyle" has no votes
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Post by linnea »

why? because she is the type of person i would want to be she can look past the evil in anyone...
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Post by Lys »

I chose Ian because I just completely fell in love with him. Now I have a third fictional character that I'm in love with! (I think I may even be more in love with him than with Edward now.)
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Sunspot wrote:I chose Jared and I'm the only one... :(
I would Choose Jared, but I picked Melanie! Im like caught between them. Jared is so awesome!
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