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Who is your favorite Character in The Host??

The Seeker
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Post by little_lamb »


He so beautiful! He's what we should be as humans. Accepting of everyone, kind in difficult positions, and smart about decisions.

Can I <i>please</i> have my own Ian?
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Post by Esme echo »

I chose Wanda because she tried so hard to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone around her. How can you not love someone so loving? I think Wanderer's human experience mirrored the Fire planet (sorry, my book is on loan or I'd be more specific). She essentially had to "eat" Melanie in order to exist, and it tore her up inside. I loved her for saving the Seeker (whom I hated), and arranging a way to rescue humans without hurting fellow souls. Wanderer/Wanda was really good to the center of her being, and I loved her for it.

I also really liked Ian (of course!) and Jeb. I'm probably most like Jeb, when you get right down to it--gun and all! But I wish I was more like Wanderer!
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Post by Bells45 »

Ian! He is so cool. I loved him so much. He was so protective and kind and I just really liked him...
little_lamb wrote:Can I <i>please</i> have my own Ian?
If you do find one, ask if he has a brother. (Haha, not Kyle.) :lol:
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Post by ~I have his silent heart~ »

I chose Wanda as my favourite character (Ian was extremely close behind) because throughout the book she really developed and it was a difficult choice for her to make. This was shown by her going from a soul who did the bidding of others, to questioning her purpose and finally realising that she loved and cared for the humans and was willing to put her life in danger to save them. She just has a lot of qualities that are good compared to certain decisions melanie wanted to make.
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Post by Leah Clearwater »

I chose Ian, because, as people already said, he was the first to really accept and love Wanda for who she is and not because she was in Melanie's body.

But I love Jamie, too - he was a very close 2nd!
Bells45 wrote:
little_lamb wrote:Can I <i>please</i> have my own Ian?
If you do find one, ask if he has a brother. (Haha, not Kyle.) :lol:
Hehe, I want one too!!! [/i]
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Post by RainyForks »

Leah Clearwater wrote:
Hehe, I want one too!!!
who doesn't? lol

I picked Ian because he truly trusted Wanda, and persevered with her even though he knew it was hard for her to love him back because her (Mel's) body craved Jared.
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Post by Cliche Horror Film »

I chose Melanie because she was always there, but somehow always not. She made me laugh, and the way she treated Wanderer sometimes was funny.

I loved Doc, too, for some reason that I really can't explain.

and then, of course, I loved Jeb and Jared about equally.
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Finally someone who likes Melanie! Most people like Wanderer more than her & Ian more than Jared, so I love it when people agree with me.

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Post by amontilado »

I chose Ian because he was able to overcome his initial & understandable horror & mistrust towards Wanderer & see her for the kind and gentle being that she is. He loved her for what she was, not for her appearance.
If I could have a second choice it would be the delightful Jamie.
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Post by vegasn8ive »

:D At her signing last night, Melanie mentioned that Ian was her favorite character. I wonder if her love of this character and the way he's written has a lot to do with why everyone else loves him, too.
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