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Post by lindsmichelle »

I may be the only one, but I hate the Sunny thing. I really believe that Jodi is in there somewhere and it is just harder for her to find her way back. I hate that Kyle is so affectionate toward Sunny just like I hated when Jared kissed Wanda/Mel. I understand the need to put Sunny back when they couldn't force Jodi's body to eat, but I just hate the situation when Jodi was clearly and individual person. I can't bear to think that she is lost forever.
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

^^Im with you up to a point.

I dont like Sunny, but I dont think Jodi is coming back & Kyle hasnt accepted that, so he's clinging the Jodi's body & being nice to Sunny because he thinks that if Jodi comes back, Sunny will tell him, when in actuality, she wont.

I dont like Sunny taking advantage of this. I didnt hate Jared for anything & I didnt hate anything he did, same for Kyle, I understood them perfectly.
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Post by lindsmichelle »

I don't hate anyone, I just hate some of the things that they did/do. I still think there could be a chance for Jodi, because I just hate to think that a person could disappear. I can kind of understand when they've had a soul since a very young age, but Jodi was old enough to have loved, and even may have fought. I can't stand to think that that girl no longer exists.[/i]
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Post by WinniePony »

vegasn8ive wrote:I'm probably the only one, but I'm a little leary of Sunny. She was O.K. with everthing just a little too fast for my liking.
I don't think it was that weird. I mean, Sunny has all of Jodi's memories. Jodi was obviously totally comfortable around Kyle, so it makes sense that that would carry over to Sunny. And the souls are just so naturally kind and accepting, it just adds to it.

Personally, I hope Jodi doesn't come back. I mean, I do hate the idea that someone can disappear, but I think it's just too late for her. I'm hoping Kyle will see this, give up on Jodi, and fall for Sunny. I know, I'm idealistic. But it would be cute.
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I think Sunny was adorable. I guess the fact that she was so helpless and alone--like a child, drew me to her. Her attachment to Kyle was touching and allowed us to see a different side of him--not just a brother, companion or even a killer--we got to see Jodi's Kyle. The loving side of him. :) Besides Sunny and her innocence nearly drove me to tears when she was sleeping next to Kyle like a little kitty. :cry: Too cute.

Though I do think Kyle is missing Jodi, he is acceoting Sunny and that's certainly a welcome change. Hopefully he can be happy with her as he was with Jodi... :)
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Post by JulesCullen »

I didn't think it was weird that Sunny was okay with Kyle taking her. It was the same thing with Wanda, in that she fell in love with him through Jodi's memories. She trusted Kyle because she was in love with him, and she wasn't fond of her old life anyway, because he wasn't there.
I actually felt bad for Sunny. She loves Kyle so much, but she probably doesn't feel good enough for him because he just wants Jodi (though by the end he is-hopefully- on the way to accepting that Jodi is completely gone). At the end when she said that she was still trying to find Jodi is when I realized how torn that must make her. On one hand, she wants to make Kyle happy and bring Jodi back, but on the other hand she loves him and realizes that if she had Jodi back, he might not want her any more.
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I...sort of thought the speed at which Kyle became protective of Sunny was too fast to be realistic. It seemed so random to me, at least--you would have thought that when he realized Sunny was not Jodi, he would have needed time to come to grips with that, or even after Jodi didn't resurface after taking Sunny out of her body. I just felt he adapted to the situation much quicker than suits his character. :/ Not that I don't like Kyle, but his stubborness made him interesting; in being frustrated with him, you're sort of forced to examine him further. I just thought it was odd how quickly he took Sunny into his care, without complaint or revulsion or distrust.
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Kyle's only protective of Sunny because, well, she's in Jodi's body. I think they're relationship could grow over time, hopefully, into something thats similar to Ian and Wanda's relationship. I think he might see some of Jodi in her from being in her body, like the way Wanda picked up on Melanie's sarcasm etc. I feel bad for feeling this way but I kind of hope Jodi doesn't come back. I really want to see more of Sunny's character and how their relationship grows.
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Post by kitticat2 »

You know what I can see happening in one of the sequels? My theory is that Jodie will eventually "come back" and Sunny and Kyle will already have formed a more solid relationship. At the end of The Host, Sunny says something like she's going to keep trying to find Jodie. So, if that happens I know a lot of us fans are going to be torn in what we want to happen. Whether we want Jodie to "go away" again or have Sunny put in a new body and Jodie having her body to herself again. But, hey, this is just my theory.

Personally, I would like to see more of Sunny's character too. She seems so sweet, the perfect embodiment (no pun intended), of the souls as a species. I think someone already said something like that in a previous post.

But I don't think Kyle and Sunny's relationship can make any permanent progress with the "ghost" of Jodie hanging over their heads. There needs to be some closure with her before they can truly be together, if that's even what SM has planned! :shock: We won't know until the sequels come out.
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Post by onetrooluff »

I guess I don't really think that Jodi will come back. We don't know anything about Jodi's personality and if she was a less forceful person, maybe she really wasn't able to resist. It's good of Sunny to keep looking, and I do really believe that she will. She is, as someone said above, the perfect embodiment of a soul - completely and utterly innocent and trusting. I don't think she will lie.

I don't really see the Kyle/Sunny relationship as being romantic though, at least not as it currently stands. I know the whole child-like aspect was reinforced in my head by her small stature, and that in fact she is, what, 27? But her personality and attachment to Kyle are extremely child-like so it makes it hard for me to see her as a potential romantic partner for Kyle. It might actually creep me out a little if they get together like that. :?

It was good to see that Kyle does have some kinder human instincts. But again, I think he reacted to her in the way you might react to a poor helpless kitten. Wanda wasn't as innocent and helpless when she arrived, not to mention that she wasn't in the body of Kyle's former love, so she didn't trigger those protective instincts when she arrived.

I do think it's really sweet that Kyle really is that protective of Sunny, not just Jodi's body - hence guarding the cryotank, etc. If anyone needed a more sympathetic side to his character, it was Kyle. Heh.

It will be interesting to see where things go if (when, I hope!!) there is a sequel.
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