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Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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Just Ian

Post by Alphie »

Lots of you are requesting this, so here it is. A thread JUST for Ian. Try to keep it separate from the Ian and Wanda discussion though or we will just go back to one thread!

By the way - he's my personal favorite character Stephenie has ever invented... so far!
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Post by Mystical »

Wow, there is just so much to Ian that makes me love him so much. Like Stephenie said at many signings, his character really develop out of nowhere, completely by surprise! I was ready to like Melanie and Jared the most, it really caught me off guard when I realized where Wanda and Ian's relationship was heading. For me, there was too much conflicting emotions in the Jared/Wanda/Melanie triangle to feel like it's something ... special. I can't find the right words for it. But, Ian's love was born out of the hate that he held her in, and that basically dissipated all negative feelings, and it was something so pure and special.

The thing I love most about Ian is how caring he can be. He loves Wanda with all his heart and soul, pardon the pun, and it broke my heart to see him suffer the way he did in the end, when Wanda made up her mind to leave him. I cried myself to sleep over it for a couple of nights, but I was really overjoyed that Ian was able to keep his love by his side by the end of the book. Ian is someone who showed Wanda what true love was really like, and that's why why I love him so much!
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Post by Leah Clearwater »

I totally agree with everything Mystical said. Plus, I love that Ian really separates Mel and Wanda, and loves Wanda for who she is and not for her body.
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Post by Cinderella85 »

*dances* Yay, Ian thread!!

He's my 2nd fav character in The Host, after Jamie :D

I love him, he's brilliant.
That he can look past the fact that Wanda is one of the species that "took over" the planet. He is just such an amazing man.

And hot!! The growling, the physicality of him *fans herself*

Like when they're in the field working, and Wanda looks at the sweat dripping down his naked upper body, lol, not in a dirty way, but that's how I view it :twisted:
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Post by ~falling_girl~ »

the best character ever invented:) well thats what i think right now anyway.
theres just sooo much that makes you love him, hes so amazing. and sweet.
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Post by nostalgicmiss »

I am so crushing on Ian, it's pathetic (*Really*). He's so genuine and honest he seems to follow his heart, which I love. I think one of my favorite sentiment from him was when he told Wanda that he held her as a soul in his hands and she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen *sniff*.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who prefers Ian to Jared lol, I was beginning to feel like the odd man out :oops:.
I also agree with you Alphie, he is one of the best characters by far. Can't help but fall for the guy :lol:
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Post by vampgirl39 »

Ian (by the way i pronounce it eye-an not Ean) reminded me of Edward. But not at first and though he has his own distinct personality, some things really stood out to me.

For example, when Wanderer had her own body and he avoided her because he thought that she was more in love with Jared. Just like how Edward left Bella alone so she could chose to be with Jacob.

Also how Ian treats Wanderer like she's breakable just like how Edward treats Bella.

There are tons more and subtle things like how he carries her etc.

But the thing that I like about Ian compared to Edward is that he doesn't have the vampire aspect and superhuman beauty etc. yet he still is so compassionate and perfect, but in a human way.
The fact that Ian had flaws made me love him more.
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Post by Trey5565 »

he was my favorite character. Just an all around good guy. I was cheering for him.

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Post by sarah-belle »

I genuinely love Ian. I think he's so cute and sweet, and I love the way he can look past the fact that Wanda is a "parasite" and just follow his heart and not let what others think influence how he feels about her. I always suspected he liked Wanda from the beginning. I was rooting for him the whole time. :D And I love the whole "Good or bad?" thing. So freaking cute!
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Post by I_always_loved_vampires:) »

I am on the same page as vampgirl39. I saw so many similarities between Ian and Edward. Parallels with the Twilight series abounded. At least, in my view they did.

At heart, Ian and Edward are very much the same character. They are so very, very selfish on one level, but they suppress that sooo much that they become almost totally selfless, at least when it comes to the girl that they love.
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