The Seeker

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The Seeker

Post by Alphie »

How did you feel about the seeker from start to finish? And did it change your opinion or understanding of the character once you realized that the seekers Host had remained behind like Mel had for Wanda?
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Post by CastMeNotAway »

Well, I doubt many people out there liked the Seeker, but you never know... :lol:

I found it quite shocking that she had experienced the same thing as Wanderer, and yet it helped me understand her a whole lot better. She could truly understand what it felt like to have her Host as such a strong presence in her mind and probably knew enough about Wanderer's character to guess that she'd become sympathetic to Mel and the other humans.

It also makes it a lot easier to understand why she seemed so bitter about the fact that Mel was still there.
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Post by vegasn8ive »

I was surprised when she started to get so angry and violent. That's when I knew something else was going on. I didn't like her, of course, but I really like what her character brought to the story.

I did chuckle thinking of her flying around the desert in a helicopter. :lol:

And, I must say, I couldn't help but picture her as Umbridge. :P
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Post by twihardy »

I thought it was a very interesting twist that the Seeker also had an exceptionally strong host personality....a statement, I suppose, on the fact that when someone is mean, petty, angry it usually about what is going on inside of them rather than other people outside of them! It really had nothing to do with Mel, it had everything to do with her own hatred of her inability to silence her own host personality...her drive to find out how through someone else.
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Post by Twilight Teezer »

I found it interesting that after the first mention of how she just wouldn't give up searching for Mel/Wanderer, that I thought that her host was resisting and had it confirmed in the end. It just seemed so out of 'character' for a soul even if it was a Seeker. I certainly agreed with Wanderer that she would greatly benefit being a Flower after being tortured by such negativity from her Host.
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Post by ebbe »

The seeker's character was very interesting. What I didn't understand was that Wanda wanted her to die. It seemed really out of character (though I can see Mel wanting that). I also think that a big part of the seeker's unpleasantness came from her host, it seems to influence them quite a bit. example:Wanda was never shy, but pet's body influenced and changed that quite a bit. Just a thought :roll:
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Post by Una »

I found the Seeker to be an complex character after her capture. It was odd, her behavior was not like the other seekers and with the more we learned about souls from Wanda, the more prominent her behavior became. From the beginning I saw her as an antagonist, but at the end did feel some sympathy for her. She had been in the body for so long fighting with Lacy. It was easy to see her determination was not without some redeeming intentions. Her abrasiveness could have been the result of the many years spent warring inside the body. In many ways she was a picture of the fierce determination and hope that the aliens had in finding Earth a worthwhile planet to coexist on. It is somewhat tragic that she was really never going to win the battle over the body as it seems Lacy was just as determined to remain.
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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

Ugh. The one word: Obnoxious. I couldn't stand her. She was a self-centered, egocentric character. Even after finding out that she struggled because Lacey refused to fade away, I could in no way sympathize with her. She could have chosen, like Wanderer, to deal with it, to get over herself and move on on the path that would help out both herself and others...but she continued to be totally focused on herself, on what she wanted. She was annoying.
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Post by Corky »

I never liked the seeker at all. Her host is just as bad. they annoy me soooo bad.
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Post by Frerard Addict »

I'm not sure if this is too off topic, but since this is the only post on the seeker...
During the presentation yesterday night in Torrence, someone asked Stephenie who she would think could play the Seeker in a Host movie, and she said that they had been talking about this recently. ("They" being I have no clue. Nevertheless, this does not mean it will be made into a movie. She was probably just talking about this with her Editor or friend.) Then she continued explaining that she thought Maggie Gyllenhaal would make a good Seeker. I'm guessing with black hair of course. The audience murmered with approval, of course. It was an interesting choice.
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