How do you picture the characters?

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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kitticat2 wrote:
Eyes of Heaven wrote:Ian Somerhalders acting is just okay. The reason i picked Jensen Ackles is that he is used to playing the big bad guy, which he is good at but he can also play the sweet romantic guy. I think he would do a great job, that would be hilarious if Jared Padalecki was Jared, then they would be working together once again. By the way, the are a great team, Jared and Jensen....Are there any other Supernatural fans in the house!!
No, I'm not a Supernatural fan, but now I want to watch to the show after seeing clips on youtube about it. It looks really funny. Is Jensen's voice how you pictured Ian's?

Well i know his voice is a little gruff.....yes, the show is hilarious, i am in love with it...but thats a whole nother story.

I guess he is used to playing that complete badass in Supernatural but when he played Jason Teague in Smallville, his voice was a little more silkier...haha if that makes sense?

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I kind of saw Jensen as a Jared. His voice just seems so rough and serious, like how I can picture Jared's.

I do, however, think that James Marsden would be a good Jared as well.

For Ian, I can see the whole Ian Somerhalder thing...but James Lafferty...I can totally see that.

It's hard for me to picture Melanie...she's supposed to be 21 so I'm trying to find a younger actress.

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FYI I dont picture any character that is remotely simular to Twilight. It's a hole diffrent ball game 4 me =)
Uncle Jeb-(1 of my Fav) is some old very small gray haired man with some redneck look lol.
Jared-A younger version of Mathew McConaunghey with dirty blond hair. LOL
Jamie- Looks like Josh Hutcherson to me =)
Ian- He a unique one he is just Buff in my head and dark brown slightly long hair.
Lastly Melanie looks like Megan Fox =)
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