How do you picture the characters?

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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How do you picture the characters?

Post by Alphie »

Use this area for posting your ideas of what you think the various characters look like. Remember, since there is no contract for a film this is all just personal opinion based on LOOKS. No badgering for personal choice. And please save our bandwidth and link to photos rather than upload them in here.
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Post by vegasn8ive »

I am laughing at myself. :lol: I picture Jeb as Billy Black (from the book) with a gun and without a wheelchair. I picture Jamie as Jacob (from the book). I picture Ian as Emmett (from the book). And I picture Jared as Jack from Lost.

I, of course, picture all the characters in my head but those are the one's that make me laugh and that most people here can immediately understand without lengthy explanations and descriptions. :P

When I picture characters in books, they are entirely unique. I don't usually associate them with real people or movie stars. Which is why the Jack one is so funny to me. And I think she writes her characters very similarly, hence the others.
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Post by BiteMeSenseless »

I can only really see Jamie- he looks just like Jackson Rathbone in the picture Stephenie had on her website (when she was suggesting him for Edward). Only a bit thinner and younger looking.
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Post by rinna81 »

BiteMeSenseless wrote:I can only really see Jamie- he looks just like Jackson Rathbone in the picture Stephenie had on her website (when she was suggesting him for Edward). Only a bit thinner and younger looking.
Haha Me too! This is my "cast list" in my head.

Jeb as John Goodman but sans the voice.
Maggie as Sally Fields for me, if I'm thinking of the right
Jamie would be a version of Jackson Rathbone
Jared looks just like Channing Tatum to me but with longish black hair.
Ian as Jonathan Bennett

That's all I can think of right now.
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Post by Shieka »

Jamie looked like my brother paul... sad isnt it
he has shaggy brown hair and is almost 6 feet tall

Maggie looked like my professor umbridge from harry potter lol

Jared looked like one of those guys you see on survivormen with the 5 oclock shadow and really buff.

Mel looked like racheal fromt he show friends...

Wanda had black hair and kind of looked like my alice
is it wwird that i imagined too diferent people for them?

Jab was just your standered crazy white hair old dude only with more muscle!

Ian looked like alex from grays anatomy (which in watching right now!!)
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Post by Karajadeskywalkerkim »

i picutre melenie about average height atheletic bulid
short Dark Hair Brown eyes

Jamie dark blond hair Green eyes

The seeker professor umbridge from harry potter
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Post by xPinkx »

BiteMeSenseless wrote:I can only really see Jamie- he looks just like Jackson Rathbone in the picture Stephenie had on her website (when she was suggesting him for Edward). Only a bit thinner and younger looking.
Now that you mention it my Jamie looked quite similar to that picture too!

For some reason at the start of he book Mel looked like Kristen Stewart to me when she was blonde, thinner and more tough looking (do you think it would matter if she was in the Host movie as well? haha...). But then my perception of Melanie completly changed and I created someone entirley new in my head, not based on the looks of an actor, and her hair colour changed to brunette...random, lol. is her hair colour mentioned in the book? I can't remember...
the character's appearances aren't really described in detail are they?
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Post by Danielle »

Ha Ha - I really thought of proffessor umbridge for the Seeker too! that's funny - I want to know what actors or persons people think could play Ian and Kyle. I also was wondering what people thought of who would play Wanda in her new body. I was kind of thinking Taylor Swift as a visual - But maby she is too over the top -check out the "teardrops on my guitar video".
I also thought of Kenny Rogers for Jeb. (I am really not a country music lover, just visually they look like the charachters)Jackson Rathbone would make a good Jaime. I thought of mel as tall and athletic, medium brown hair and tan but I couldn't picture one person in particular. Also Jared - Mark Wahlburg.
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Post by Sunspot »

I'm not really sure about the others but

Jared = Kurt Cobain (at least before he lost Mel)

And I think Pet (the body Wanda spends her 10th life in) looks like a little princess or like Rosalie as a child.
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Post by IEnvyBella »

I just had an actor epihany, haha. I just realized that my Jeb looks exactly like Buddy Ebsen, aka the dad from the beverly hillbillies. Can't you see it? Maybe it's because his name was Jed in the BH, but I can just picture him walking around the caves with his gun slung over his shoulder. Too bad he's not around anymore, but he is totally my Jeb!
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