Ian and Wanda

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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Post by bananas_4_edward »

I think that Wanda is so much like Bella! And Ian is so much like Edward! She's always getting herself into some situation and he's always there to catch her when she falls!
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Post by Sunspot »

Wow. I didn't realize that he loved her until after the ... incident (cough, attempted murder, cough) with Kyle. And even then I just saw him as a Mike Newton person.

After reading the host the second time I wonder how I could have been so blind, how I could have ignored such a good person.
He was always there, he always helped and I always saw him as a supernurmerary. I'm ashamed of myself. :x

He's really sweet, I mean WOW he fell in love with an alien. That proves that he's very very kind.

And he was always overshadowed by Jared, just because Jared is ... cooler.

I'm so sorry Ian.
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Post by lexaprone »

Notice how all the synopses, including the one at the back of the book, played up on the Melanie-Jared-Wanda love triad? I believe it's clever of the publishers (if they are indeed responsible for teasers and summaries) to witthold information on a fourth character, Ian, joining the circle--er--triange--er--square! Even more clever is the nonchalant, boy-next-cave demeanor under which Stephenie hid Ian's true worth and swoon-points. Someone likened him to Mike Newton, and I agree. To Edward? No contest :wink: Many have quoted Ian's swoon points already, so I won't do that here. Suffice it to say that Ian's chivalry, foresight, and yes even his selfishness (after all, he did say "You. Are. Not. leaving Me."--sorry, can't resist :wink: ) are so much more swoon-worthy than Jared's irrational outbursts and bad temper. Gentle, feathery, delicate Wanda can only be properly cared for and loved by a man just as gentle, and that's Ian.
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Post by Shieka »

I too was vry suprized by ian ig role in the book
i realyl thoguth it was going to be a love triangle but it was WAY different thatn i expected

did any one else see that interview with stephenie when she talked about ian
she said that he was suppose to be the *back up bag guy* be hinkyle but as she got to know more of his character she relized that he would fall in love with wanda
im soo happy he was a suprize!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by SailorYue »

Ian's a rare gem, and Wanda's a rare soul. theyre perfect for eachother in every way, and im happy that they can be together now, with Wanda in Pet's body.
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Post by iamsher »

i N S A N i T Y wrote:Mee! I usually favor the main couples in books and movies, but for some reason I liked Wanda and Ian A LOT more than Mel and Jared. Melanie and Jared seem to almost love each other out of necessity; the both thought they were pretty much the last humans on the planet. Ian and Wanda on the other hand, seem to have a much more special relationship. Even though Wanda isn't human, even though her species is considered evil on Earth, Ian still falls in love with her. That just seems so much more true lovelike than Melanie and Jared's relationship.
You so eloquently put into words what I was thinking about the relationships of both pairings. I definitely seem to feel more connected to Wanda/Ian than I do for Mel/Jared. Maybe it was the lack of connection I made with Mel...?

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Post by IheartEC93 »

Yes! I absolutely love Ian and Wanda together! Ever since Ian talked to Jared about feeling bad for hurting Wanderer, I've looooved Ian. I think they're perfect together and I hope they never have a New-Moon-moment.
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Post by LivingInFantasy »

Ian and Wanda is simply a match made in heaven. Ian is such a sweetie, how he sat with Wanda when she was grieving for the Souls that had been killed.
I couldn't help but smile at the end when he's like
"I was giving you time."
And then Wanda giggled

Jared always seemed like a total jerk to me. How he was pretty much the last person to call Wanda 'It' and all that. I'm not sure i really truly liked him till the end... And i'm pretty sure he was only nice to Wanda because Mel was inside her... or Wanda was inside Mel...
But, whatever. That's just my opinion
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Ian and Wanda and Mel and a big love triangle!!

Post by showalittletwilight »

I really loved Ian.Stephenie Meyer is so good at those weird complicated love triangles!I'm sure everyone should have noticed by now. The fact that you wanted Wanda to be with Ian but you knew she could never truly 'be' with Ian or have any special or romantic moment's with Ian whilst Melanie was in her head.

I didn't have a problem with Jared. Sure he wasn't too nice most of the time but, if someone had taken away the person i loved most in this world, and then was walking around in their body like they were still 'alive'? well, i wouldn't be too happy either.

Wanderor was so beautiful in the end, in that new body. Though it was weird to picture her in your head because you were so used to picturing melanie, i thought this person's facial features and profile suited her more.She looked all magestic like.I was really happy that she got her own body.Then her and Ian, could really be together without being interrupted. I always hated those parts where she'd be 'romantic' with ian and Melanie would be there.i didn't hate Melanie at all!I thought she was fierce!i just wished Ian and Wanda could just together though.

sigh. Ian. He was ..words can not describe how beautiful that man is.he's just so sweet.
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Post by Cinderella85 »

Awww, I love Ian and Wanda much more than any other coupling, it was just so strange, I mean, a human, who started out hating the "parasites" and then he goes and falls for one!

I picked up on it early on, that there was more there from Ian, and I got excited whenever he turned up to talk with her or walk with her, and whenever he protected her.
I can't find it right now, but there's a part I thought was cute/funny/sweet where Ian, Wanda and Jamie are going somewhere, and Wanda and Jamie are holding hands, and I think Kyle is there and he looks disgusted, so Ian grabs her other hand, lol, awww and he doesn't let go :D

How old is he supposed to be? Her new body is like 17, is he about 26? Has it been stated anywhere?
I figured, ages went something like this:

Wanda: 17
Ian: 26
Jamie: 14
Mel: 20
Jared: 29
Kyle: 28
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