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Post by twihardy »

I, too, saw Ian coming as a love interest when he stops being too harsh in the beginning...but I think the reasons that Wanda couldn't see it coming was, first - she didn't have a normal experience with falling in love from Mel's memories. Mel and Jared's relationship started so differently, not like a hi, get to know you, let's date, I'm falling in love kind of thing! Second, her whole motivation was to find Jared, it's everything that drove them - it was their whole focus. I just don't think she was thinking of anything other than how to deal with Jared and Mel and Jamie. Third, her body had too much of a physical response to Jared - it made it hard to respond to anyone else! I felt so badly for her, she had these feelings for Ian, but this physical draw to Jared. It was overwhelming enough for her to process all that was happening in her body's response to Jared - much less trying to understand her OWN feelings for Ian. That's a lot for an alien to get used to and interpret!

My favorite Ian lines: I also loved the "You.Are.Not.Leaving.Me." part - and my total favorite was when he said "I held you in my hand, and you were beautiful." - bawled like a baby. I thought it was so sweet that he wouldn't let anyone else hold her tank. Another moving scene for me was when they are cuddling in the game room at the end, and he says, "Good or Bad?" and she says, "Good," then Ian says, "I thought so." OMG - so tender!!

The reason Ian is so loveable is that he truly loved Wanda's essence - her thoughts, her mind, her heart, NOT her body. He loved her because of her motivations - of course, it drove him nuts that she wouldn't think of herself hardly at all, and that would have cost her her existence had they not stepped in and taken over to bring her back.

I'm gald Mel & Jared got to be with each other, because their love is what was driving them to be whole, but I am even more glad that Ian and Wanda got to be together. I would have been okay had either Jared or Mel disappeared and not worked out, but the idea of Wanderer actually leaving and Ian being left alone was too heartbreaking for me - they were actually the two who loved the least selfishly, the most purely and to see them come up empty at the end would have been really disappointing to me. I was so sad when Wanda was actually leaving, I was just bawling....and I was so glad when she returned.
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Post by Modelisous »

The Brisbane Covern wrote:I think I personally had more of a soft spot for Mel and Jared, there was something about his anger towards Wanda, yet the desperate way that he tried to keep her safe from the angry mobs that just says something to me. I found that at the end, even thought I liked Ian, I had more of an attachment to Jared.

I do however think that "Twilight" and "The Host" are two very different books and that the relationships in them can't be compared. Edward is a supernatural depiction of perfection, Jared and Ian are about as human as you can get. They aren't meant to be perfect and they are meant to make mistakes, which they do frequently, and that is what is meant to be the attraction to them I think.
That's COMPLETELY to an absoloute Tee how i feel about it all!
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Post by alice_fan2 »

I knew from the start I would love Ian, and I knew Wanda would love him, too. He was so.. understanding, and compassionate. He loved her, even though he was supposed to hate her. And the fact that he loved her in Melanie's body, and her new body was great. He loved her for being her, Wanda, the soul. He fought for her, he protected her. He was by far my favorite.
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Post by Melodymusic »

Ian was the one I was holding out for. Jared I was alright with. I could always picture Ian in my mind he developed in the story so well. He grew to actually protect her. Not Melanie, but Her as a soul. I found it great how he would address, both Wanda and Melanie. I also liked how he asked Melanie's opinion. I loved how Ian was really caring for her. He realized they needed Jared to get Melanie back and he put himself aside. He did his best to keep her safe in every way. And then with the hospital scene and Wanda's kin. He knew unlike Jared. He really paid attention to Wanda and her movements and thoughts. He loved her. He protected her REAL body. The fact he wouldn't let anyone touch her was so wow to me. I love how they greet Wanda as she wakes up. How humans were just so greedy (not exact phrasing). Ian awww. There's so much more I want to say. I can't find words to get the thought through correctly.

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Post by Danielle »

first is when I read I try to get a visual on what the charachters look like. I usually try to think of a movie actor or someone I know personally to visually personify that person when I am reading about them. Does anyone have any ideas on a person that would look like Ian. Also, Wanda - in the end, in her knew body? Just curious what everyone thought they looked like in their minds.

Also, I really liked the love between Ian and Wanda. And how it grew. I think many of us have experienced that instant "Holy Crow" attraction with someone and then there is that "best friend after being around you and knowing you over time you are so hot attraction". I think Ian and Wanda's love grew so strong over time. Melanie and Jared had that instant chemistry and with Wanda being in Mel's body - she felt it even though she never really got to know Jared as well as Ian. I liked how SM wrote how confusing it was for her.

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Post by Kristina_Rose »

Ian was my favorite character as soon as we saw more of him then the nearly killing Wanda and Mel. He seemed really sweet and strong. While Jared is I think he toys with Wanda's and Mel's emotions right before Wanda gets taken out of Mel's body. I also love how Ian refused to care if others thought loving Wanda was inhuman. I thought it was also hilarious when Wanda lied about her age. I thought Mel was going to call her out for a second.


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Post by Kristina_Rose »

April-Rain wrote:This kind of seems like a reversal of Bella/Edward thinking. This time, it's the GUY who would be left behind and have to mourn the loss, whereas Wanderer would just continue on to another world. I love this pairing... I originally assumed Ian was a creep due to the "love triangle" comment, but I began to like him almost immediately. Mel+Jar is kind of a weird relationship - he's nine years her senior, and they're just so... I don't know. I can't think of words yet.

I like the Ian+Wanderer pairing the most, although the most shocking one is Kyle+Summer. I would assume, after the whole murder fiasco, that he would NEVER get over his aversion to the Souls.
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Post by stephmichellei »

i loved the Ian/WAnda relationship! i agree about the quote from alphie, but i absolutly loved the part when they described how he wouldnt let anybody else even touch her! how he held onto her until they found her a body! he just loved her SO much! there was just something so powerful and almost hopeless to it though which made it sad. but i am really glad they found a way to make it work. i think i would have been heartbroken if they hadn't. a love like that, that isn't allowed to grow and be experienced in full is nothing short of tragic.

i really loved mel/jared too but they definatly had a different type of love, i'm not saying any less of a love just a different dynamic to their relationship (aha besides both being human!)
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Post by IEnvyBella »

April-Rain wrote:...whereas Wanderer would just continue on to another world...
Er, did you not read those chapters? She wasn't going to go to another world. She wanted them to let her die! Without a host body, she wouldn't be able to survive for very long, and she wanted to be buried by Walter and Wes.

I personally love the whole Ian/Wanderer thing. I think they are so unbelievably cute together :P Especially at the end when Jamie is all like: "Oh, and I'm moving in with Aaron and Brandt." And Wanderer gets all shy. So adorable :P Plus Jared and Mel just seem so...violent and I don't know...But Ian is so much like a soul that it's not even funny anymore. I just think they fit together perfectly.
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Post by SailorYue »

i definatly liked Ian & Wanda more than the other pair. at the start, Jared had his chance but he just blew it, while Ian was the first non-family member to befreind Wanda. he was really sweet and i love the pairing. Ian's really sweet, and one of my fav parts was how he felt looking at the bruises she got when the guys came back from the raid, how he felt that he possibly could have done that if he left as well.

oh, and my fav line was "You are my future" ^^
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