Jared and Melanie

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Jared and Melanie

Post by Be My Escape »

In Chapter 4 we get a glimpse of Jared and Melanie and how they met. What are your thoughts on their relationship? What do you think about how they met?
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Post by Spiro »

I thought it a little forward of him to kiss her the way he did even though he hadn't had human contact in so long. Still not sure if I trust him just yet. Feel that Melanie shouldn't trust anyone for awhile.
Kind of odd that Jared could make his own incision in his neck.
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Post by BearHug? »

First off would just like to say how ace is the name Jared? I Love It! lol
I think their relationship will be so much more intense as there will be little other human contact so everything will kind of be intesified to the point of no return.. which i happen to love in books. It'll be interesting to see how the Host thinks of Jared and whether she can differentiate between her feelings and Melanie's.
Can't wait till it's out just to see what reading Stephenie Meyer - Edward is like.. I'm going to stop rambling now!
Any comments on whether or not you think the relationship will be intensified?
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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

^I agree that their feelings must be intensified by the lack of human contact...and the dynamics of the relationship will be odd because of that, although I think it will positively impact their relationship(despite the fact that the circumstances aren't particularly happy-just about everyone they know being "dead" and all).

I also agree that Jared seems a little strange/forward, although I think I trust his character more than Melanie's in certain ways. The way that they meet is very intense, and I think Melanie was a little bit harsh, although that would be a more natural reaction, to be wary, rather than accepting anyone with open arms.
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Post by Justine »

First of all, Edwardisanangel, I LOVE your banner. Don't get me wrong. I'm a hundred percent EdBells supporter but I REALLY love Steven Strait. Have you SEEN The Covenant? Maaaaaaaan.

Anyway, yea, I agree that Jared's move of kissing Melanie was a little too forward even if he hadn't had any human contact for so long.

But still. I get The Vibes, you know? I think he's another hot/smooth guy (sort of like Edward+Jasper+more Edward). So yea.

I can't wait for The Host to come out!

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Post by Sansa »

I thought it was quite strange Jared's reaction about kissing Melanie the first time they met, but knowing that humans were mostly dead and disappeared, he must have been really alone and then he found a girl in two years of talking to nobody... It's understandable. I'm really curious to know how their relationship developped. ^_^
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Post by CastMeNotAway »

I am SO looking forward to reading more about this couple once the book comes out! I really think that they have (had? I mean, Wanderer's inside Melanie now...) a very powerful connection with eachother. They are both obviously strong people because they were a few of the last people left who hadn't been taken over... somehow they were able to hide or resist. I think that their relationship is also intesified because they really depend on eachother.

And I thought the kiss was very surpising, but also very understandable.
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Post by zoey94 »

I can see why he kissed her, because if you hadn't seen another human in like, two years, you would be ecstatic find someone like you. Plus, he hadn't been with any humans in so long, his hormones were probably going nuts! :lol: Anyways, that's my opinion.
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Post by epona »

I find Jared endearing in a way - the kiss was sudden but understandable and i found that i liked the scene - it portrayed the desolation of the whole situation - him being so surprised to see another human.
I have to say the excerpt has gripped me and i cannot wait to see what is going to happen.
I think their love will be the kind you see in 'action' films like speed or something. dire situation = survival of the species = love. :lol:

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Post by bananas_4_edward »

I really hope that even though Melanie is possessed by a spirit thing, she and Jared's relationship will strengthen through the book.
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