Are the Souls really "bad?"

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Post by jacob'sleah »

I don't see the souls as evil. They can't comprehend evil, so how can they do anything that would be considered evil. The souls think they are making all the planets they inhabit better places, by "killing" all the creatures and making a harmonious society.
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Post by diamond encrusted »

i think that the souls themselves don't believe that they themselves are bad at all, but the humans, who saw them as invading souls, which they are, taking over bodies, remaking communities so that they're "perfect" and pretty much forcing the real humans to hide and run if they could.

i don't think they're bad in that...they believe what they're doing is right i guess. They go to different planets to experience not change. Its part of their nature and lives, thats how they survive.

so i don't really think that they are bad in the sense of the word, just different and not exactly completely concious of what they're doing to the inhabitants of each planet they visit.
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Post by Brynnie86 »

I could argue either side of this.

The souls are good in a way, because they are trying to make earth better. Seeing what Wanda went through through her eyes made me realize just how hateful humanity can be. When the humans were trying to take the souls out of their hosts, I wanted to cry right along with Wanda. It made me feel angry towards the humans, and a little ashamed. Also, Wanda could not grasp the concept of hate, evil, betrayal, or disloyalty. Without having those aspects, how can you be bad?

On the other hand, what the souls did to the planets they inhabited was very destructive. They completely intruded on another species way of life for their own personal gain. Although they could not see this, they never thought about what they were doing to the planets they lived on, and the lives that were lost, or the devastation they were causing.

I still can't decide which way I feel more strongly about.
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Post by leopardgirl314 »

The souls don't see what they're doing as evil. They think they are helping their hosts. Since their intentions are good, I don't think they're evil.

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Post by niski »

I dont think the souls are bad. I mean you have to admit they sort of run the world better than the humans did. There was no discrimination, crime, violence, etc. Everyone lived in harmony. The only problem was that I don't think they saw the humans as humans if that makes sense. It's kind of like with the slavery or the holocaust mentality where people thought the blacks or the jews were sub-human and not to be thought of as real sentient creatures. The souls are like that with the humans and all the other planets they take except they are not evil. While they are not evil they still don't ever think of the host bodies as more than a body.

I'm all for the souls trying to help our world cause God knows we need it in some cases but I wish the souls could have found another way. But there probably was no other way because humans always destroy what they don't understand. If aliens came on our planet and said they want to help us better our planet I'm pretty sure that the humans would destroy them. So the only way to live on earth was to do what they did. I'm kind of torn because I'm human and I would not want to dissappear nor would I want to be like Melanie where you are there but can't control your actions. But then I think of how much better life is on earth because of souls. Not for humans cause they're in hiding but just in general. They have good intentions but they just don't understand. And most of them don't have hosts like Melanie or Lacey so they don't know how the humans feel about it or anything. And all they think of about the resistance is that it's just humans reacting as humans would. With violence. They don't see it as humans fighting for the freedom of their minds but as them just seeing something different from what they are and trying to kill it.
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

I don't think they are bad. They are all kind to one another, and I think they honestly believed what they were doing was right.
and wandas a soul and we know that shes not bad
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Post by oblivionhearts »

They did do a few good things: the medicine they had, and making the world peaceful. I think it is wrong of them to be, basically, killing humans to use them as hosts. In my opinion, not all of them have bad intentions. Not all of them are rounding up the humans so they can be used as hosts, or performing the operations to put a soul into a host. Some of them are good; they are helping out the humans, like Wanda.
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Post by SparklingVampiress »

I don't believe that the souls are bad. I do believe that they honestly think they're doing the right think in taking over the world! I do think its wrong though, and that they need one huge reality check!!
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Post by Aninami »

The book made me think of one thing: "the road to ruin is paved with good intentions."

The souls thought they were helping to "civilize" the violent creatures.

This brings up: Where does one species get off thinking its better than another one? It's like when the English landed on plymoth rock and they took one look at the "Indians" and said "I'm better than you. I know more. You have nothing to contribute, so we're taking over."

It's not right for anyone to think that they're species, race, religion, sexual orientation (ex.) is superior to any one else.

That being said, I can't deny that within every culture there is the exception to the norm. The norm thinking of the Souls was "We're helping this planet." then souls like Melenie and Burns break that pattern of thinking with "What are we doing to these hosts? How are we effecting them?"

It's when empathy happens that they can't truely be "evil", if they can feel for another being then they've got some good in them.
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