how to make awesome avatars? Any cool programs?

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how to make awesome avatars? Any cool programs?

Post by twilight4life »

I see some of these people and all of there icons that they created and i really wanted to know how they do it. Is it a program that you use? I like the video ones too. how do you make those? safe...

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You can use heaps of programs. The one I use is Adobe Photoshop.

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Post by Cali »

I use GIMP, it's a free program and you can download it . also, if you do a google search you can find alot of turtorials out there to help you figure it out. :) Good luck!

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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

If you want to use the web, You can use Photobucket, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word (I make alot of mine in there, actually), Paint, etc.

Thats how you do it if you dont have any special programs.

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