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Post by vampgirl9 »

Ok so are the ranks those little phrases under your picture under that say in forks or whatever?
And how do you move up ranks?
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Post by CamberXite »

It's your post count.

So whenever you reach a certain amount of posts it changes :D
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Post by bronzehairedgirl »

Yes, it changes as your posts increase. Click here for the list of ranks. The numbers are how many posts are needed to earn that rank. The very first post on the thread lists the people who have special ranks. They have earned their ranks from something they have done and the rank never changes. For example, I have a special rank that I earned when I made this post. I had no idea at the time I made the post that it was a topic that was bugging Stephenie. Other people have earned their ranks from something funny that happened. Be sure to read the second post in the ranks thread. You can not ask for a special rank.
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