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In the Breaking Dawn section I would like to discuss the question that people keep asking, will Bella end up with Edward or Jacob, because I think the question has already been answered and set in stone. This is my topic- In Eclipse Bella clearly states that she chooses to be with Edward. What confuses me is that people keep wandering if she will really end up with Jacob in Breaking Dawn. Throughout the books S.M. states that when Bella decides something she sticks to that descision. She is very stubborn and etc. So my question is since Bella clearly has already decided to be with Edward is there a chance that she could still end up with Jacob. I personally think that the question has already been answered for us. That is what Eclipse is all about, haveing to choose and the consequenses in that descision. I feel that she could not end up picking Jacob because then the whole point of Eclipse would make no sense. I would really like this to be posted b/c I would like to know if I am the only one that thinks her descision is made and now all we have to see is that descision being played out by what happens because of her descision, like her turning into a vampire, will jacob finally respect her descision, what will she tell her family, the vulturi and etc.

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This might be better in the request a topic section in the Breaking Dawn place.
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There's no need for a topic, it's answered on the Eclipse FAQ on Stephenie's website.

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Or you could just check the PC (Personal Correspondence)
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