Ideas for Bookstores

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Ideas for Bookstores

Post by AbbaLoveU »

Hi! I'm not sure this is appropriate but I was wondering under the Release Party Plaza section if a topic could be started about what bookstores should do with their release parties. I work at a small independent bookstore and we want to have a release party but are not sure what to do. We're an older crowd and haven't read all the books in the Twilight series hence our inability to know what the fans would like. We really want to have a great party so I thought getting ideas from fans would be great! Thanks for the consideration!

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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Actually, the Release Party Plaza is one of the 3 boards you can post new topics on. Just make sure you explain thoroughly what responses you want. You cant start a poll though so if you need a poll, start your thread & PM BronzeHairedGirl.

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