still new. still wondering if im allowed to do this. ha

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still new. still wondering if im allowed to do this. ha

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i mainly came to this site because twilight and new moon and eclipse SPOILED scared i cannot find anymore books or series that i can get into after reading this series. so i want to know other books that are along the same lines as twilight (maybe not JUST a vampire novel but fantasy and just plain GOOD) but i just need reassurance that there are other books out there that one can obsess over like TWILIGHT!


you almost need a whole forum on this.
its quite sad. because after breaking dawn comes out and its over i am going to be seriously depressed and ill need something else to dive into!!!!!!!!!

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If you go to the Flight to Phoenix board, there is a thread or two about recomending books.

If you are looking for Breaking Dawn discussions, check out the Breaking Dawn board - That is the only place you are allowed to post anything about the first chapter, they are considered spoilers & you will be banned if you ignore that rule.

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