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Report links that don't work

Post by bronzehairedgirl »

Since I keep getting PMs about bad links in posts I've decided to make it a little easier to find and fix them all.

If you find a link that no longer works in an older post (it gives you the "404 Not Found" error when you click it) then here's what you need to do:

*At the top of each post where it says "Posted: [date and time]" there is a page icon in front of the word Posted. Click on the page icon and it should refresh so that the post you chose is at the top of your screen.

*Copy the address and post the link in this thread. I will then fix the links so that they work.

*If by chance the page does not refresh to the correct post, go back to the page the post is on and give me the link for the page. Sometimes you can't get a link to the correct post for the same reason phantom pages happen.

*Check back to see if I have fixed the link. I will edit your post to say I have fixed it.
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Post by Edwardisanangel! » ... 943#641943

Fixed, but appears to be a thread that has been deleted. ~BHG
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blue threads?

Post by xlanina26x » ... 925#295925

this was also what i was talking about in the 1st post, all the blue threads don't exist any more why?

Answer - BHG
Some of the blue threads still work. Some of those threads have been deleted I believe. Occassionally we have to clear out some bandwidth and unfortunately old threads in the Flight to Pheonix forum are usually the first to go because those are the threads that don't contain any book discussion.
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Post by xlanina26x » ... 642#534642

the threads for the other vmt's don't work.. lol i know weird threads to ask to get fixed but I'm interested in what everyone had to say in them.. lol

Fixed ~ BHG
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Post by Vixen with a Vendetta »

Um, I hope I'm doing this right. ... 1660#51660
Every time I click on the link in that post it takes me to a 404 page.

Fixed ~ BHG
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Post by Ravel »

This link isn't working...
And I really wanted see it too! :(

Could you give me the link to the page or post where you found this link? ~BHG

Fixed (sort of) - This one wasn't an easy fix, but I gave links to what I think it should be. ~BHG ... 866#191866

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Post by malaz » ... .php?t=824

it doesn't work, well yeah...abviously. but i hope you could fix it soon!

I need the link to the page or post where you found this link so I can change it there. ~BHG

Until I can get an admin to help correct the link (since it's out on the main page), here is the correct link:
[url=]ENDLESSLY - twilight graphics[/url]

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Post by CullensOrSohmas »

The links to two New Moon chapter discussions aren't working for me, I'm getting 404 -not found errors. The URLs are ... en-family/
and ... teen-race/
can someone please fix them? that'd be great, Thanks!

I'm working on this one. I need to contact an admin to fix it. ~BHG
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Post by werewolf_over_vampire_22 »

in the chapter discussion on new moon..chapter fourteen-family doesn't work..

[color=black]I'm working on this one. I need to get an admin to fix it. ~BHG[/color]
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Post by EnthralledbyTwilight »

The link in the "Posting Regulations on the Twilight Movie" ( ... hp?t=16524) does not work.

I need to get AmberEyes to fix the link. But in the mean time it should be ... hp?t=16523

Edit: Fixed. Thank you AmberEyes. ~BHG
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