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Post by MarriedToEdward »

Hello dear Administrators...

I've been brooding over the Robert Frost poem that's at the very beginning of Eclipse (before the Preface even), and I've been wondering what people's opinions are on that. I don't think there is a thread out on it yet....

Thanks :)

I have to wait till August 4th for the release of Breaking Dawn, so if you don't see me until the 5th, you know why!
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Post by MarriedToEdward »

Sorry :oops: , I just came up with yet another one:

What is the craziest thing people have done for Twilight?

For example, somebody might have driven for 3 days, slept in their car, stood in line for 10 hours, - just to get to a SM signing session.

I think this might be interesting an fun to know about!

By the way, the craziest thing I'm doing for Twilight is flying to the US for the movie (it won't come out until February in Finland!!!! (-- not that crazy, I know, but crazy enough for a rational person like me)

I have to wait till August 4th for the release of Breaking Dawn, so if you don't see me until the 5th, you know why!
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other favorite book

Post by linzluvstwilight »

can we have a new What are you reading...but instead of WHAT ARE YOU READING...can you name it WHAT ARE YOUR OTHER FAVORITES BESIDES TWILIGHT AND WHY?!

please...thanks!!! :lol:
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Post by EmilyLoizeauIs Amazing »

I was doing some thinking and Aro mentions that he saw Jane and thought she would make an excellent candidate for extra abilities. What on Earth was a little girl doing that could possibly make Aro think that she would have the ability to inflict pain with her thoughts?!
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Please read....

Post by AliceMarieHale »

I'd like to request a new topic ang put this out. I wanted to ask 'Why is Jacob so stubbron?'

"Just out of curiosity does anyone wonder why Jacob is so stubborn. Throughout all the books he always acts so stubborn about Bella and Edward. I understand to a certain point he's a werewolf and Edwards a vampire and such but then when it comes down to it he wants to make Bella happy correct? Then why does he act on pure impulse and end up getting Bella mad or hurt? This has boggled my mind for quite sometime now. I want to here your views to help me understand this."

So if this hasn't been posted already than I'd really appriciate it if this go posted for a new topic.
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Post by The Volturi »

I'm not sure if this has been don already and I apologize if it has

But I think and interesting topic would be to see what people think Bella's power/gift would be if she was turned into a vampire.

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Post by Mirrorbay2000 »

I don't know if this necessarily deserves a new topic, but I'm curious about the book titles. I'm a fairly new reader (I picked up Twilight because Eclipse knocked Harry Potter off), and I've always known that the fourth book was going to be named Breaking Dawn. Was there ever a huge revealing of the next name, or has Stephenie always been forward with the book titles? It was a huge deal with Harry Potter so I'm curious.
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Post by j'aiocd=) »

Sorry if this is already a thread, but I searched it and nothing came up.

I was wondering if we could make a poll to see which one people would rather date: a vamp or a wolf( excluding the hole imprint thing)
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Post by Amanda »

I just got my Entertainment Weekly in the mail yesterday and I was so excited. The cover was Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and it read The Twilight Saga. The articles are great and leaves you wanting more for Breaking Dawn. And also gives you insight on the cover artwork.
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Post by luminaires »

<strike>Hey :)
I would like to please request a topic about Edward being an abusive boyfriend on an essay that I found online. It would be great to have other people's opinion on the topic and essay. Thanks! ... 1/</strike>

There are multiple threads in the Quench forum on this topic they are the Edward Controlling threads (AKA Ed-Con). These threads have now been locked and are no longer topics open for discussion on these boards.
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