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Re: Bella and edward's love

Post by MarriedToEdward »

MarriedToEdward wrote:Well, I guess Bella loves Edward because she is perfect. But why does Edward love Bella?
Obviously, I meant "he", HE is perfect.

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new topic!!!!! do you like it?

Post by rxtwilightqueen »

well i'll write it down before i forget- if you were a vampire, wat powers would you want?

i would want- i kno sounds unrealistic- the powers of a remote control!!! fast forward- rewind- mute- pause- skip chp.! i mean wouldn't dat be awesome! like 4 time..
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Post by jaspersfanpire »

If you were Bella, would you accept Edward's expensive gifts, or deny them, like Bella does?
Personally, I would want to take his gifts and money, but, like Bella, would have nothing great to reciprocate with.
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Post by jaspersfanpire »

Why don't Rachel and Rebecca ever visit La Push? I thought they at least might have come down when Jake turned into a werewolf, but as far as we know, they didn't. I wonder whats up with them?
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Post by ~wolfgirlslikeithot~ »

I was wondering if there was a thread on why bella likes edward or if she just likes him for his looks.
Because I was rererererereading twilight, and all I heard from bella about edward was his beautiful eyes,pretty hair, nice bod, good-smelling breath, and many other physical features.and I'm pretty sure she never suggested any sort of personality traits that would make her like him.

Answer - BHG
Check with the ladies on the Search Feature Help Thread. I know there is a "Does Edward Love Bella" thread. I can't remember if there's a "Does Bella love Edward" thread. If they can't find an appropriate thread for your topic then come back and edit this post to let me know.
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Post by bronzehairedgirl »

Just to let you all know what's going on with this thread...
I am currently wading through it in an attempt to find all the requests that were never answered. If your request wasn't answered and it hasn't been deleted then be patient, I will get to it. There is no need to repost your request (this will just make my job harder) if it is still in the thread. Since some requests will be answered months after they were posted I will send you a PM to let you know I started the topic.

Before making a request be sure to use the Search Feature. If you can't find the topic you want then the next step is to visit the Search Feature Help thread. If the lovely ladies there can not find the topic you want then make the request on this thread. One of the reasons this thread gets so behind is because it takes so much time for us to search for threads that are already out there.
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Post by DefyxGravity »

Id like to see a topic about what would happen if a werewolf were to imprint on a vampire.

Cause i mean, werewolves cant control who they imprint on at all, so who/whats to say that they wont imprint on a vampire? I wonder what would happen to the werewolf, or the vampire...

Answer - BHG
I believe this topic is already out there. Check the Search Feature Help Thread. If the ladies there can not find it, come back and edit this post to let me know.
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Post by j'aiocd=) »

I looked around a little and I didn't see a thread on chapter 22, Fire and I ce in eclipse and I was wondering if there was one? :?

Answer - BHG
We're working on it. We are in the process of putting all the chapters up. The goal is to have them all up before Breaking Dawn is released. Be patient and check the Fire and Ice Forum occasionally. It will be put up eventually. I believe we are up to chapter 19.
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Post by xoxocamille »

The 'what if' thread has already reached 100 pages. Could we please get a new one? Thanks!

Answer - BHG
New thread started.
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Kellan Lutz joins cast of 90210 spin-off!!

Post by dreamstar217 »

* Meghan Markle and Kellan Lutz have been added to the cast of the CW's upcoming Beverly Hills, 90210 spinoff, simply titled 90210. The former will play Wendy, a sexy student who uses her looks to get what she wants, while the latter will fill the role of George Evans, a star lacrosse player who hails from a wealthy family.


Answer - BHG 7/13
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