The Cullen Crest

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by twilightbrandy »

I know, I understand. I think we all just need to wait and see how it looks in the movie. Plus, if it has the approval of SM, I guess it has to be okay :?
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Post by Shortehlaurs »

Instead of judging it now, it'd be better to wait til you see how it's brought up in the movie (if at all). It's really just a minor thing in my opinion. I don't think it's going to be key in anything, except maybe if Bella sees it and is curious. But remember they don't even have a meaning for it themselves so who knows if it'll really be in the script except maybe Edward saying it's a family crest.

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Post by bkl »

I see exactly where you are coming from, Shortehlaurs, and I am fighting to keep my mind open for the movie... and once again, twilightbrandy, I completely agree with you and share your views- I really hope it is subtle and that SM doesn't let anyone get carried away...


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Post by mlola619 »

This may sound bad, but then again it is true:

SM is going to get alot of more fans through this movie- possibly getting more people to buy the rest of the series, which would mean more "financial support" if you will. I'm sure she will not allow them to ruin her years of hard work, and she'd make sure that anything won't be ridiculously contradictory to the story since that would cause a huge loss for the fan base, support, merch, etc.
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Post by ForeverEdwards »

my first thought:

my second thought:
that ring looks really hot on peter facinelli!

my third thought:
uhngggggggg... theyve stuffed up the whole movie

*depressed for a few hours*


*looked at photos of the crest*
*listened to opinions on the lexicon*

*all better* :D

my thoughts now:
yeah, alright. I guess its okay for a family crest.
at first i had no idea why they chose those mascots.
random animals? noo way
i thought the crest was really gay, but now i'll just have to accept it. start to like it even.
but i will buy it. if it becomes merchandise.
and as mentioned before, i hope this wont be a big thing.
minor additive to the movie. <i>yeah, okay.</i>
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Post by atrociousprincess »

I suppose it's kind of unnecessary and it's not uber cool or anything, but I'm sure they won't make something big about it in the movie. And I can't see how the Cullens would show theirs off unless they were out of character (which probably won't happen, and if it did my biggest problem wouldn't be the crest)

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Post by Once upon a time... »

I actually really like the idea *hides*

I think maybe because I like getting stuff that was in films. lol I already have the pirate medallion from pirates of the caribbean and Arwen's necklace from lord of the rings, so I would jump first chance to get Rosalie's pendant or Esme's ring! I really like the fact that the crest has been tailored to suit each character (apart from the wristband the Cullen boys all wear)

It would be really pants if the overplayed the idea in the film though...I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens!
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Post by bkl »

lol I guess that makes sense

I may not like the idea- but being a jasper-lover:
''I have some cullen crust!" made me laugh



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Post by clemxens »

The Cullen crest is awesome and I'm so glad they added it!

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Post by DayDreamer89 »

I think the crest is pretty cool. It's a subtle way for the characters to stand out from everyone else and show how they are all connected to each other. I would really like to know what the symbols mean, though.

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