The Cullen Crest

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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*pulls hair out*
has anyone SEEN Rosalie's??? It is not what I would call subtle- How is this something that the Cullen family would do?
and don't tell me it reminds them of each other- HOW does it even do that?
I am opposed to the idea, if you haven't noticed

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Wow, guys
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sorry, DayDreamer89
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I actually like the idea.....all i can say is....

Where can i get one???????

Yea, it may be alittle cheesy but it sort of unites the family, and is a symbol of their unity

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yeah im pretty sure that the crest is for merchandising reasons. i dont care, i'll probably buy something with it. like all those hp shirts with the Griffindor and Slytherin stuff on them. and yes, i'll probably wear it to bed lol

do you think google was like a sponsor or whatever? like they PAID to have an advertisement in the movie? cause we all know, after rob said that we wanted to google.

sneaky hollywood ;)
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^ Gotta love product placement :lol:

I don't care either, I'm buying into it all gladly ha ha
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you know the wierd thing is that during when i was reading the books i was thinking ya know shouldn't they have a smybol of some kind and then catherine adds it i persally love the idea the think the 3 cullen boys could have been alittle more creative with thiers but hey there boys lol

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i'm not really 100% on the idea at the moment, that and i havn't actuly seen it other than in the one pic on mtv's site, but thats cos my comp dosent play nice with pics :( mmmm time to borrow the husbands and go take a look :)

the idea seems pretty cool, not sure tho think ill go look at it and then see :)
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I'm not 100% on this idea either. I like the crest, but I don't know if I like it in the movie. Someone earlier said it's not something they think the Cullens would do, and I agree. But I won't really judge until I see how it works in the movie.

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I really like the crest idea, although they all come from different families they have an affinity to Carlisle and his family name and it seems apt that they would have something to show that.
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