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Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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[[: Twilight

Post by xJennaBear »

Well, deff posters! Shirts, ahh that would be amazing, like something like
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kind of thing [:
hmm, and pencils? lol thats kind of silly, but I'm an addict
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Post by Queen_Of_Awkward »

I'd definitely hit up on those t-shirts!

Boxers too (with Robert Pattinson's face on them, preferably. LOL!).

Posters definitely!




Rings with the Cullen Crest. (Like the ones the cast wears)

Nothing too cheap like folders/school supplies... it gets a bit overboard there. Like having Edward Cullen Sniffable Markers or something.

Cullen contacts. LOL. "Butterscotch" color.

Edward-Flavored Lollipops....JK.

I dunno really. Just not action figures. Urg. I'd hate to see Edward or Jacob as transformable action figures. "Ed-ward Cul-len! Vamp-ires in Dis-guise!"...
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Movie Merchandise?

Post by Twilighter4ever »

Posters of any kind would be fabulous! also im a fan of the cardboard cut outs!! definitely one for Edward! also things like clothing and stickers and pins are also amazing! anything to do with twilight is fine by me! :D
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Post by ~falling_girl~ »

posters (loads of different ones please:P), t-shirts (would be beyond cool!) and jewelery would be soooo amazing!!! and school stuff, so that would mean stationary.
thats what i want, anyway.

and id probably buy the cards and put them in a frame and hang them up by my bed:)

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Post by blue2twilight »

I myself am more of I t-shirt and poster person, but that's just me. Really I'd buy anything they were selling :D Hah, trading cards, now that's funny :lol: I could just imagine myself collecting those.
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Post by prophecygirl »

I would buy absolutely anything they want to make.

Some suggestions..

Action figures (I'd love mini Cullens!)
Tie-in movie novel
Behind the scenes/making of guide book
Trading cards (these would be top of my list)
thanks to coccy @ LJ.
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Post by Holly Duerre »

Shirts, Jewelry, etc.
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Post by The Weasel »

prophecygirl wrote: Tie-in movie novel
I completely forgot, I was thinking about that the other day. Most movies have those novels that have a section of pictures in the center. I bought the Eragon one for my friend a while back. I hope they do something like that for Twilight and maybe if we're lucky it will come out BEFORE the movie so we'll get to see even more pictures. ;)
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Post by vegasn8ive »

Depending on how many "things" are in the movie; i.e., jewelry, personal items, etc., I'd like to see them go the Noble Collection route. My stepdaughter and I had this conversation a while ago because we are both avid HP fans and frequent customers of The Noble Collection. The problem is, in the books, there aren't many "objects" associated with the story other than Bella's jewelry which is already on TwilightTeez. I'm not sure if this is the case with the movie but I would definitely be interested in more of the high-end collectibles.

Other than that, the usual shirts and posters and whatnot.

Oh, and bookmarks! I am surprised that there aren't already bookmarks. Everything has bookmarks these days! :lol:
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Post by runs_with_vampires »

AGH!! I would Totaly digg some cutouts (that would be AMAZING!), posters (AMAZING as well) , t-shirts, stickers, pins, keychains.....uh......... Jewlery! that would be awsome!!!
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