Movie Merchandising

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Movie Merchandising

Post by Cocoa »

What do youe expect to see come out of the merchendising arm of the movie. And what do you WANT to see for sale?

If Summit made those trading cards featured in the behind the scenes promo available, would you buy them?

Cut outs?

What are your thoughts?
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Post by Cinderella85 »

I bet the usual, t-shirts,the book with a movie picture on it, lol, picture books, sticker books maybe.

I'd buy it all, whatever it was :lol:

We should get dolls too! That have something like 3 lines to say each.
One of Jasper's could be "Not the hair! Not the hair!"
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Post by Tobiah »

I was trying to think of what they will do for merchandising. I'll be buying it all! I also plan on stealing a big Edward Cardboard cutout if there is one, and big movie posters! Ha!
I was also thinking- do you guys think they will rerelease Twilight with the movie poster cover? They did that for Narnia and Gossip Girl, just wondering if they would do that, because I don't think they should.

I guess since this movie is targeted for an older audience, there probably will only be like T-shirts and that sort of thing.
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Post by Modelisous »

I'll buy everything! anything! haha. I think dolls would be wicked - but i cant see it happening. I'll be like hyper excited when i see t-shirts and all that stuff, seriously i'll be like going on a mad shopping spree for the lot, haha!
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Post by Be My Escape »

I think a jewelry theme would be the way to go. Target audience is female and the jewelry could be fun stuff that reminds us of the characters.

On the MTV footage it showed the Cullens all wearing a particular type of jewelry. It would be really cool to have that for sale. I know Alice wore a necklace and the boys wore leather bands which could easily work for a girl if made smaller.

Also I was given a book thong once that was made with charms to relate to a certain character. It was beuatiful and would allow the books and the movie to compliment each other.

Calendars with stills from the movie would be brilliant.
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Post by TwilightObsessed »

I REALLY hope they do some merch for the Cullen Crest...I'd love wristbands and necklaces and stuff. That'd be AWESOME. :shock:

T-shirts would ROCK.

I'd pretty much buy anything Twilight related they decide to put out...Or anything with Rob's face on it. hahaha. 8)
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Post by edwardcullenisreal »

If there's any merchandise I'll happily buy it all with my laptop savings :D
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Post by BlackLace »

I would love t-shirt/posters/ ANYTHING!!

Not quite sure about the trading cards...but pretty sure I would still buy them anyways and put them on my wall!!


I would LOVE a subway poster of the Cullens...
you know, to cover the entire wall space. That would be amazing!
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Post by NgiNeThemba »

I don't know what I would be most likely to buy! Probably a t-shirt or something...and the jewelry definitely sounds like a good idea IF it's high enough quality that it won't break and fall apart easily...

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Post by Mattie »

Ugh...Hot Topic. No, thank you.

I would love to have a poster. I think it'd be cool if they just did the book cover and stuble put a picture of Bella and Edward. Because you know, the book cover got the book a lot of attention, so I'm thinking if they went with the same concept it'd work.
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