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Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by *EDWARD* »

grapes89 wrote:Twilight character dolls would be soo awesome! i'd collect em alllll :]
yes!! dolls. that would be awesome :)
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movie merch

Post by cauldron »

I would love to see book cover art and anything from the movie they can do. I want good shirts with pics and quotes. I want book covers on shirts. Bookmarks. Candy. Whatever you do, I will buy. :D
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Post by Jasperluver »

Seriously, I would buy anything and everything they release!!! Some specifics I guess would be:

playing cards
trading cards

Trading cards would be awesome!!!
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Post by BaDHaBiTTX3 »

A blanket with Robert Pattinson's face on it.
I would buy 45664237344873 of them.
No lie. :)
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Post by ivy_marsden »

LOL! Every girl on Earth would buy an Edward Cullen cutout! :D Just imagining the possibilities....
I would definitely buy a shirt, or pretty much anything they made. It'd be cool if Summit made an official movie poster and released it in stores. I'd buy it. :)
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Post by Bellaslullaby »

I really like the perfume/fragrance ideas and trading cards.. stuff like that.. not like stuff every single movie out this year will have..
And blankets! especially if the cullens are always cold, seeing them on a blanket.. i love irony!
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Post by Selina »

Justine wrote:I want a button.
I second that motion.:shock:
Twilight<3 wrote:
pintamino wrote:Nothing cheesy though, stuff with a classic look to it... ie no full graphic tees, maybe just the 'twilight' logo on the front or the back. Y'know? Stuff I can take to college and not look like a dork for wearing.
Exactly! I didn't know how to put that in a nice way but you did it beautifully. I mean, I would like a tee shirt but nothing too bold or cheesy. Something classic.
I agree.
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PS: I love the idea of a Edward locket or music box.
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Post by raeeisbella »

mabey little volvos. hehe.
um a calendar! t shirts are a must! BLANKETS! POSTERS! notebooks, magnets. coffee mugs! id be the coolest person in school with a twilight coffee mug! like a locket necklace would be cute.
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Post by TwilightSheep »

The jewelerry would be good, there are versions of Bella's bracelt available but they are very expensive.

Jacket's would be kewl, like with the apple logo on it.

Maybe some Team shirts too, they're already popular and many people are making their own.

Posters! Good idea and again a lot of people have made some good designs so it would be good to check out what the Fanpires have been up to.

T-shirts are good too in varying styles!

I've already got my shirt but we'll but more.

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Post by TwilightSheep »

The Lullaby!

Love isn't finding someone you can live with, it's finding someone you can't live without...
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