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Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by katari_komo »

Please no video games! all video games based off of movies are terrible ideas, they always fail!

Also, i dont know if this counts as merchandise, but i would love ring tones of Bella's Lullaby and such. Mugs too, mostly with emmett on it, he is super sexy :D
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Post by di*cullen »

OH MY!!!!!!!! CUT OUTS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! I WANT AN EDWARD IN MY watch me while i sleep-JUST KIDDING....not really :lol:
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Post by vampire_kisses1901 »

haha I like all the ideas XD I really like the hoodie one... maybe like a plain black track jacket with "CULLEN" written on the back. haha that would be awesome. And of course posters, posters, posters....
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Post by amberm1845 »

danceswithwolves wrote:No matter how old we get. I bet there isn't a fan who doesn't want a little Edward or Jacob sitting on their dresser lmfao
bring on the shameless action figures!
and of course posters, and calenders!!!
and hats and clothes.
yeah you know what? why is this a thread :P you know the answer is EVERYTHING hahahah
I have to agree, I would LOVE a twilight video game, for any system :P
:shock: No, no, no! please don't scare me! Us twilighters have taste 8) . Personally, those are WAY to cheesey! I'd spend the extra money any day to have better stuff
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Post by LadyCullen01 »

1. DOLLS of course! and If they could talk that would be auesome like Edward saying his famous lines and Bella too!
2. Jewelry!
3. A video game! And Board Game!
4. Cullen car Models
5. Any replica of Twilight items used. Like replica's of things in Edward's house.
6. Bella's lullaby song on CD
7. Anything with Twilight I would buy!
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Post by di*cullen »

Sarah X Bear wrote:Could you just clone Robert and put him up for sale?
Do you know how much money you'd make on that alone?!

Haha, no.

Lots of T-Shirts with quotes from the movies... POSTERS. Definitely posters and stuffffff.

Sheet music for us music lovers would be much appreciated.
LOVE THESE IDEAS-especially the sheet music
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Post by lizzi_9312 »

I would love some jewerly and big posters But if they sell other stuff i would buy it anyways because its "twilight" and i love everything that has its name on it. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D
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Post by Jessica Cullen »

I would LOVE to have a poster, and the trading cards.
Also I saw that someone mentioned dolls.
I would def pass out if I saw them.
:o :D
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Post by Midnight_Sunshine »

I don't know why, but I've been hoping for a plush Edward. You can pull the string and it has Robert saying like "You are my life now" or movie quotes. Shirts would be cool even though there are plenty on the internet. The best part would be seing this stuff in a store. What about textbook covers? You could be looking at Robert while you're falling asleep in math! Purses would be neat! Cutouts! I'm excited for anything really!
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Post by Kissa »

Most things has been said, but seconding something has never hurt anyone. :wink:

I would like posters and 12-month calendars of course, and good quality bookmarks. Make some that doesn't look like miniature posters -- be creative! :) Also, messenger bags and totes are pretty high on my wish-list, and most importantly, book-bags. I would absolutely love a Twilight book-bag -- it would make my year! (And save my poor sanity from making one myself, as I'm really not good with crafts.) I don't want cast-pictures to be on anything but the posters and some bookmarks though - I think it looks a little tacky when people go around with pictures of actors on their bags and such. :/ But the catch-line of the movie or something would be great, and also making it looks a little... classy?
ETA: I forgot -- I would love coffee-mugs! Both with the cast, the movie-poster, the Twilight-logo, and/or tag-lines and quotes. And once again, please... make it classy. :)

I don't think the Twilight-merchandise should be overdone though. I want us to keep being special like we are now, and not become mainstream too fast. It will happen with time, there's no denying that, but no need to help it along so soon. ;)
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