Official Promos and Trailers

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Official Promos and Trailers

Post by Cocoa »

The first official promotion video was released by Summit Entertainment today. Discuss it and any other that are released here.

Summit Promo Released through MTV
*Please note this is a Summit Entertainment Produced Video. MTV is merely hosting it on their site.

<a target="blank" href=" ... 29578">The HD Twilight Movie Teaser Trailer</a>
<a href="javascript:void(' ... pendent=no'))">HD Full Size</a>
<a target="_blank" href=" ... 29669">Non HD Trailer</a>
<a href="javascript:void(' ... pendent=no'))">Non HD Full Size</a>
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Post by malaz »

WOW that was amazing - the stunts, bella's bedroom, the actors, the scenes, the sets, the director, i was breathless, litterly.

i watched the video 25 straight times in a row - not kidding. ever since i clicked the link, i didn't close it. was amazing. i think twilight is going to BE the best movie i will ever see in my life. just thinking about the sequals makes me go round.

I was like squeaking, screaming (wanting to be didn't, i screamed in silent, does that count) haha. I am calmed now. BUT WOW, kjfakdfjaidfjakdf words can not describe what i have just seen. Robert.....*gulp* so freakin HOT, his accent. w-woooooooow. and kristin - what an amazing actress.

and the nomads - this film looks scarier than the book. the marina seen. SHIVER....they're amazing, and when they're walking really fast, wow wow wow. James is hot - when his nose is flaring...holy crow, PERFECT, Laurent is hot - LOVE his accent, and the hair, Victoria is fierce - love love love her.

and oh, the begining of that video sent chills down my spine. when Bella is like 'NO EDWARD NO" or something like that. her voice, the sound - trembling in fear but yet at the same time brave enough to speak out for her love. and i think edward says something after that, i didn't quite catch. just....WOW

i really love bella's room, not how i imagined it. But I LOVE IT. looks amazing
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Post by Sarah S. »

Thanks Cocoa, this is a PERFECT discussion topic. That video made my day. I mean church was good and all, but that video is "TO DIE FOR"!!!! :D
I am one of those "stick to the book" fans but I actually really liked the "spider monkey" part. Ofcourse I wish that I was the spider monkey :lol: !!!!
I still dont get the whole boat scene. I mean, I now understand that it has to do with the "nomads" :lol:, but I would much rather see 5-10 minutes more of Bella and Edward rather then James, Laurent and Victoria killing some boat guy, ya know?
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Post by Seiya »

I agree. That was amazing. I was screaming through the whole thing, freaking out and running to tell my mom and sister. They watched it and were amazed, of course. In addition to all the other praises that I agree with stated by others above, I have to say that if that music is a preview of what is to come, I'm no longer worried about the soundtrack!!! <3
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Post by fantasma »

I had a little squee moment already in the MTV thread, but I'll do it again =D.

The video. . .there are no words. My friend and I were watching it together and started freaking out in the form of accidentally dropping open bottles of water in our laps and nearly dropping the laptop on the floor. We're anxious for anything next year, because it's our senior year, and this just makes it even MORE unbearable to wait for!

I feel like the whole thing is happening very quickly. It was only optioned just a few months ago, and NOW look at it. We're getting amazing promos and interviews like no other!

To the topic of this video, I'm so thrilled with how it's turning out, and hope that all the naysayers are starting to see the bright side of all the actors and whatnot. I'm SO excited for the ballet studio/fight scene, it looks unbelieveable.

I also loved the song that was playing in the very beginning of the clip, I really wish I knew what it was. I wonder if it's an indicator to what some of the musical choices (especially for the fight scene) will be?
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Post by Murphy »

That was awesome! The music particularly got me pumped! lol
The fight scenes look totally actioned packed, I'll deffinetly be glued to the screen! lol
And Rob's accent sounded so weird. But a good weird. I think it's going to be amazing. I seriously cannot wait. :D
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Post by DeathCabForMae »

This was amazing! I'm past all the squealing and stuff during videos (I will never stop anticipating or acting excited) but this promo brought all the squealing back.

This movie is going to epically be kick donkey. No joke. Um, the kiss? His non-accent? THE NOMADS. Oh man, my heart just stopped beating, my mouth was a perfect "O" and my eyes were more bug eyed than this lil' fella: :shock:
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Post by Sarah X Bear »


When the dude's head gets knocked offf!


Kristen Stewart is really good ar screaming!
And I practically melted at the spidermonkey part.
Which was why I made the avatar. =0
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Post by rebeccaaa »

While watching that video, I swear my heart stopped. I'm even more excited for the movie now. (If that's even possible).
Ahh, 8 months never seemed so long. I don't think I'm going to make it until December.
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Post by silverbells »

i can't believe how amazing the scenes are turning out, but i'm confused. what's with the boats???? kind of lost there; james is pretty amazing i must say, for a scary vampire. mm mm mmmm!
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