Video Clips from MTV/Twilight Tuesday and ET

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Video Clips from MTV/Twilight Tuesday and ET

Post by Be My Escape »

Here is the place to discuss the video clips from MTV and ET and any other that we may get. Please remember to be respectful and try to post something more that OMG!! SQUEE!! We are all excited.
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Post by Degausser »


the clips have strongly reinforced my desire to see the movie, because even though seeing the pictures made my days, seeing these clips (and watching them over and over and over, etc.) made it more personal somehow, and it feels like it's srsly happening <3
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Post by fig »

Sweet, a separate thread!

I LOVED these videos. I'm so excited and I have much more confidence with all the actors and overall effects for the movie after watching these videos.
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Post by Kizmet »

You should have seen my last night after I first watched the video. I was going insane, I was sobbing. And then I called my friend (Lariien) and we were both shouting so much we couldn't understand each other at all whatsoever.

I took a screen capture of Edward and Bella lying in the grass and sent it to all my friends who don't already love Robert and Kristen. If that doesn't convince them, their brains are broken.
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Post by shammakins »

To me, the videos are a saving grace.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love that there are people posting their site visits and pics of the stars, that lead to wonderful icons that get spread everywhere... but the videos are interacting with them and getting their opinions and thoughts about the movie out, which is what I love.

The MTV video I especially loved because it showed some subtle moments that Bella & Edward seemed to share, which I can really appreciate. We also got to see Carlisle, which was pretty rad.

I did LOVE that the ET video showed glimpses of the ballet studio scene, that was super exciting for me.
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Post by LoyalTango »

Holy cow.
I think I must have watched BOTH videos at LEAST 10 times before I sent them to eevry single e-mail adress I had in my list.
(Unfortuneatley, that also included some of my teacher's homework drop boxes...heh. heh. heh. :oops: )

But those videos have TOTALLY convinced me that Twilight WILL BE a good movie!
Everyone cast seems to be PERFECT for their roles, and I ESPECIALLY can't wait for the fight scene at the end.

Haha, and then the Meadow scenes...with Rob and Kristen?
They looked ADORABLE together.

I seriously CANNOT wait for the movie now, let alone all the other special behind the scenes info we'll be getting along the way!
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Post by Mattie »

I hope Twilight stomps Harry Potter ar the box offices.
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Post by fig »

It was so cute how Kristen told him to do the dazzle face for the camera, and he couldn't do it. And when he made that funny face off set in the garage scene. So adorable!
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Post by leaf »

Both were amazing, but I liked the mtv one alot more.
The ET one made the movie seem a little cheesy, while the mtv one showed more of the relationship between bella and edward.

but seeing the behind-scenes stuff made my day.
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Post by *Bella*Marked* »

Yeah, it is better. I kept on saying 'oh!' every 5 seconds. Why? Why do they hate us so much? UGH! December,come faster!!
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