Stephenie's Cameo

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by belle_flanders »

The inside joke will be so fun
Only the twilight fans will understand it. makes me feel so powerful 8)
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Post by *Bella*Marked* »

Yeah, just like when someone says something Twilight related and you're the only on who laughs...Not a good example, but whateva.
Yeah, we'd be the only one who would now it. Muhahaha!!!
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Post by TheLionAndLamb »

xoxgoodbye wrote:It'd be so cool if she playedt the waitress at Port Angeles and Robert dazzles her hahaha.
Hahaha, hysterical. But yes, that would be so funny. Or if she was Ms. Cope, who was also awed by Edward. Too young :D
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Post by Crash »

I think that's great that she'll be doing a cameo.

Kind of like M. Night Shymalan, whom I've seen in every one of his movies. :P
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Post by jazz17 »

i also think it's great she has a cameo. but i find SM really pretty so i hope i would be able to spot her even with all those beautiful vampires around. :D
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Post by Conzoni al Vento »

I think Nikki Reed said something about her playing someone in a diner or something in on of her MTV videos... or was that regarding something else?
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Post by ReNa257 »

Its not going to be like one of those...2 second ones...because that'd suck...

no pun intended.
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Post by savingbella »

She will probably be a stewardess on a plane that edward gets off of. Maybe a ticket person at the airport.
savingbella loves the Twilight series.
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Post by KrazyObsessed »

I'm pretty sure I read in an interview that Stephenie is going to be in a restuaraunt that Bella and Charlie go to. I'll so be looking for her!
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Post by runswiththewolves »

Yeah, the interview definitely said that Steph's going to be in the restaurant scene, as a random person who's eating in the restaurant at the same time as Bella and Edward. When I first read she was in the restaurant scene, I thought it would be hilarious if she was the hot waitress who was flirting with Edward!!! But, unfortunately, she's not :?

But anyway, she's better than that stupid hot waitress---- she's a hot novelist!!! Way to go Steph! :)
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