Stephenie's Cameo

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by mariruiz »

I think she's going to play that teacher that embarrasses Bella in class to introduce herself lol!
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Post by Jazz<3 »

I didnt know she was going to have a cameo! :D

I like the idea of her in the background winking at the camera. I think thats really funny and i would die of laughter if i saw that. haha
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Post by DazzledFrequently »

I absolutely love the fact that she's going to have a cameo. I think it might help those who are a little skeptical about the outcome of the movie. although I know it's not going to be as amazing as the book, I do know that it's going to be good because of the involvement Stephenie has in it all.
and really, I mean, Stephenie having a cameo? That just grounds the fact that she is super stoked for the movie as well.
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Post by Liese »

I wish more authors or directors would do cameos in their movies. Sometimes it is nice putting face and movement to a name. If I were involved, I would definitely want to be in it, even in the background. Little extra details like this make something that will already be fantastic even better.
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Post by The.New.Cullen »

YAY!!!!!! I am super happy Stephenie will be in the movie. It shows that she is as stoked about the movie as us. That would be funny if she did order the vegetarian plate :roll: or if she was the waitress :lol:...that would be awesome...
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I CAN'T wait for Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to go to their wedding shower *evil grin* I will find you, Cullen.
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Post by DayDreamer89 »

I think it's kind of cool. It'll be like when Alfred Hitchcock would show up in all of his movies. It'll be a fun little surprise to see Stephanie in a scene.
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Post by clemxens »

That's so amazing!! That makes me even more excited for the movie, if that's even possible. :wink:
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Post by leahfellinlovwithtwilight »

i thought her ordering the veg. plate would be a brilliant addition!
oh, and freekin team jane! hope she finds a nice vampire boy thats not quite as hot as edward, but pretty freekin close!

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