Gil Birmingham as Billy Black

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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I think that he will do a good job of Billy.

At first I thought he seemed a bit young but there is nothing we can do about that and I'm sure Gil will do a good job!

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As soon as I saw Gil Birmingham's picture for Billy Black, I got so excited. He's one of my favorite casting choices. He just has this majestic look to him, and I can just see him sitting around at the bonfire, and telling the legends. I actually don't know him that well, and haven't seen him act, but I love his look. I hope he's just as good of an actor, which I'm sure he is :)
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Re: Casting

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Cocoa wrote:
RomansGirl wrote:I don't know if this is the right place to post this or not. I was just wondering, have they cast the role of Lauren yet?
Lauren is not a very large part. I don't even think she actually speaks in the first book. Just dirty looks and such. This type of role would not warrent a named actor. If she is even in the film at all. Lauren is not exactly what I would call, important to the story line.
It_is_a_NewMoon wrote:He's TOO OLD! :(
This comment is completely shocking to me considering he is the father of 2 married daughters and the father of a teenage son, not to mention crippled from diabetes. I would like to know how young you think a person can be to do all of these things? Because any younger and Billy would have been having kids in his teens!
Oooops, it's Billy? Dang, I thought he was cast as Jacob. Sorry for all the confusion. :roll:

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Love him. I don't think he looks too young. But even if he is wanted to look older, there is plenty of make up out there can make that possible and believable. He has the 'Billy look' and I think he'll do a marvelous job.
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Do we know if Billy will be wheelchair bound in the movie? I kind of want to see him walking around (or dancing half-naked around a beach bonfire) given what our Billy looks like.
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Post by natanyx »

He looks like the perfect Billy. :D I'm so excited to see how true to the characters they're being.

It would kill me though, if they didn't have him wheelchair bound or if they try to find a way to tweak that part of his story. =/

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The link didn't work for me...
seems to have worked for everyone else?


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Re: Casting

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RomansGirl wrote:I don't know if this is the right place to post this or not. I was just wondering, have they cast the role of Lauren yet? I don't remember seeing or hearing anything and they've finished filming at Kalama. Could they have cut her part out? Wasn't she the mean and nasty one?

PS - If this posts twice it's because my internet connection is crappy.
Yeah I would think that they should, even though she doesn't say "anything important." Although she IS supposed to be the one jealous of Bella because Tyler is giving her so much attention. At the beach, she's supposed to be all over him. Hmm...

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He is actually pretty good. Now they have to make him look older, of course. Overall, I think he is a good match.

hahaha. suspicious native
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