Gil Birmingham as Billy Black

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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I thought he'd be kind of wrinkley old withered man in a wheelchair....but suppose the Charlie they have is young..and they are like best friends..

OMG that makes Harrys death even sadder.... :(
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Billy Black

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I think he will be a great Billy Black, but I thought he was suppose to be older and a little heavier. Yet, I still think he shall make an amazing Billy Black! :D

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you think he is TOO OLD to be JACOB'S FATHER????
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He's perfect...this may sound harsh...but true...he's the only person they got right...

I've never seen hem act is he good? I hope so... :D
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Post by leaf »

He looks exactly as I pictured Billy.

Also, in Twilight, Billy's main job as a character is to warn Bella about the Cullens and express his feelings about them. I think he could pull off the "suspicious native" act of Twilight well.

And IF they make New Moon into a movie, I believe he could also pull of the friendly, father of the werewolf part.

Billy really is a sweet guy, who only wants the best for Bella.
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Im with the others. The face is perfect! Just how I thought he would look but he does seem a bit to young for the part. Charlie looks older than he does to me. But there is always the power of make-up. I always thought he would be somewhat built but with a bit of weight on him from being in a wheelchair.
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Post by XxaliceINdreamlandxX »

oh my goodness! I never thought I'd see a more perfect actor! He really is perfect for the role. And most of the movies/shows that I've seen him in, he's been great! Really good tallent. I'm excited!
Plus he looks like what I've been picturing him as when I read the books. ^_^

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Post by vintagegravity »

Gil's perfect! Yay! I'm so happy! :D

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Post by rusty_fan02 »

Gil Birmingham will be a perfect Billy Black. He is just how I pictured him. I saw him in the movie End of the Spear. He was very good in it. I think he will do a great job. :D

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i pictured billy being much older,but i think that he can pull it off even better.i've seen him in movies and he is perfect!!!
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