The Lexicon's stand on photos

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The Lexicon's stand on photos

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Since I've just been offered photos from a variety of sources regarding a possible filming location I need to make a policy clear on what content we will run and allow in our links. The Lexicon is not TMZ and we are not looking to have a bunch of wannabe paparazzi trying to give us things.

1. We will only run photos that are the property of the person offering them, or are photos the PR department of a given actor has given for Internet distribution to media outlets. If the owner of a photo believes we are in violation and have taken their intellectual property without permission, please immediately email and the items will be removed.

2. They must have been obtained legally: no trespassing on private property, no harassing an actor if they are not at a public event, or willing to pose during a filming break, no false representation of who you are to get the photo. We respect actor privacy 100%.

3. We only run sure things. We don't run "maybe this is the meadow".

4. We will not run photos that display contact info such as license plates, cell phone numbers, email addresses, etc. if that info can't be blurred out.

5. I don't care how good your telephoto lens is. We will not run photos involving the personal lives of actors such as homes, children, spouses, private vacation moments, cars, etc.

So, if you happen to be dining in Portland, see Kristen at a restaurant, and politely ask for a photo and she obliges, we'll be happy to publish.

If you follow Kristen to her apartment, chase her up the driveway while snapping away, and then try to give us pictures of that location, not only will we not publish it, but I will personally turn your information over to the Portland police.
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