Taylor Lautner to play Jacob Black

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by TwilightT »

He is an outstanding actor and will portray Jacob quite well.
My youngest son loves Shark Boy and Lava Girl, and I have to admit I usually sit down with him and watch the movie.

Taylor will be great, and I can't wait to see him continue to grow professionally. :)

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Post by HiddenFancy »

Holy smokes! Taylor has grown A LOT. Wow, he looks perfect for the part. His smile reminds me so much of Jacob, brightens you right up. I love how he's taller than Kristen. =D That's going to be perfect, since he's younger than her but is supposed to look older.

Taylor's going to be amazing in Twilight, guys. And he's looking forward for possible sequels.

Here's something I don't think many have seen, but I apologize if it's been posted already. Here's Taylor at a Film Festival talking about Twilight.


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Post by CullenxLove »

i think taylor lautner is the the perfectttt jacob.
they couldnt have picked anyone better :D
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Post by robert_clearwater »

I think he'll do great. He's one of the coolest actors my age(coolest actress would be dakota fanning)

he had alot of personality in SB and LV and I think he can bringt he spunkiness and toughness that jacob has in NM and EC
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Post by Alellie »

I've seen some of his movies and I shouldn't be worried about his acting skills. But when I found out that he was playing Jacob, I was really disappointed.

Wasn't it in the beginning of Twilight, Jake had long hair?

Are they going to make Taylor wear a wig or is he going to have long hair naturally? I really don't know what he looks like NOW and my image of him is in the past. I'm just really worried about that part. For some reason, besides Jake's personality and werewolf gene, the other thing I love about him is his HAIR.

I'm weird, I know.

Too bad....if only Steven Strait was younger and was willing to play in a vampire movie. Tsk, tsk.

But I'm still rooting for Taylor though. I bid him good luck.


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Post by LLO92690 »

now that i think of it...Taylor Lautner is the perfect actor for the role of Jacob. the person that i think the director should change is the actor who plays Sam...solomon something...that guy is not very attractive and i pictured sam to be smokin'! i think steven strait should be sam instead..that way steven strait will be in the movie and sam will be as i pictured him in the movie.... a heartthrob...:)
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Post by snarky »

Um... no offense meant to anybody, but could we maybe not talk about Steven Strait anymore? The movie's already in the editing stage, so I think the casting boat's already sailed way into the horizon.
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Post by HiddenFancy »

Don't forget in New Moon Jacob crops his hair, so Taylor will probably just have his regular style for the majority of the movie.

Just a random thought. So the wig will likely only be there for Twilight.

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Post by Bella_S_Black »

the new moon rights for the film haven't been signed yet, so lets not get ahead of ourselves...
Taylor is good for twilight jacob, the carefree happy kid.
And I didn't even know who steven strait was before I knew twilight :roll:
and yeah, Taylor wears a wig for the role

I think the one that plays sam is ok.
But this isn't his board
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